ModelSim-Altera Software Support

Altera offers extensive ModelSim® technical support resources to help you resolve your simulation issues, as well as step-by-step simulation information and examples to help you use the Mentor Graphics® ModelSim-Altera® software.

Table 1. ModelSim Technical Support Resources

Support Description
Altera Troubleshooters These troubleshooters are interactive tools that help resolve your simulation and licensing issues by presenting a series of questions and providing possible solutions.
Download ModelSim-Altera Software The download center provides the latest software and libraries to ensure a successful simulation.
ModelSim-Altera Pre-Compiled Libraries This list provides pre-compiled library names and descriptions for ModelSim-Altera functional and post-fitting simulations.
Altera Functional Simulation Libraries

Altera Post-Fitting Libraries

These lists provide library names and descriptions for Altera functional and post-fitting simulations. These library files are intended to be used in ModelSim PE and SE and in other third-party simulators.
ModelSim-Altera Operating System Support The operating system support pages include release notes that describe known issues in the ModelSim-Altera software.
mySupport mySupport is a technical support area where users can create, view, and update service requests including simulation issues.

Table 2. Simulation Information and Examples

Resources Description
Mentor Graphics ModelSim and QuestaSim Support This comprehensive chapter from the Quartus® Prime Development Software Handbook provides step-by-step instructions for performing functional register transfer level (RTL), functional post-synthesis, or post-fitting timing simulations with the ModelSim-Altera and ModelSim simulators.
Using the ModelSim Software With the Quartus Prime Software These web pages provide detailed step-by-step procedures to perform functional and timing simulations with ModelSim-Altera and ModelSim simulators.
Using the NativeLink® feature With Other EDA Tools These web pages provide a series of detailed step-by-step procedures to run third-party tools, including the ModelSim software, from the Quartus Prime software on a PC or UNIX platform.
ModelSim Tcl Scripting Examples These Tcl scripting examples illustrate how to set up Altera simulation libraries with ModelSim SE/PE versions and how to perform simulation.
ModelSim On-Line Demonstration The ModelSim online video provides a quick overview and demonstration of using the ModelSim-Altera simulator with the Quartus Prime software.
Altera Software Installation and Licensing (PDF) This chapter describes the requirements and procedures for installing Quartus Prime software and related software on the Windows and Linux platforms.
Simulating Nios® II Embedded Processor Designs (PDF) This application note describes the process of setting up and running an RTL simulation in the ModelSim simulator using Nios II example designs, Qsys, and the Nios II integrated development environment (IDE).
ModelSim Tutorial This tutorial developed by Mentor Graphics provides lessons on using the ModelSim simulator.
ModelSim Command Reference This command reference manual developed by Mentor Graphics describes all ModelSim commands.
ModelSim User's Manual This user's manual developed by Mentor Graphics provides details on ModelSim features.