TMC-20219: DSP Blocks with Restricted Fmax below Required Fmax


Violations of this rule identify DSP blocks with restricted Fmax that prevents the circuit from meeting the required Fmax performance. This violation can occur when the DSP blocks are not fully registered and thus cannot achieve DSP posted maximum performance, or when the required Fmax exceeds a DSP Block's Fmax limit.


Name Description Type Default Value Min Value Max Value
maximum_setup_slack Reports a violation for timing paths that have a setup slack below the value of this parameter. double 0.0    


Add pipelines before and/or after the DSP block. Also make sure DSP packing rules are not violated to allow successful register-packing. Review Fitter Reports 'Fixed Point DSP Register Packing Details' and 'Floating Point DSP Block Details' for more details.



Device Family

  • Intel® Agilex™