Presets Tab (Platform Designer)

You open the Presets Editor in Platform Designer by clicking View > Presets.

Allows you to create, modify, and save custom component or IP core parameter values as a preset file. You can then apply the parameter values in the preset file to the current component that you are parameterizing. You can share preset files between projects by copying the preset file from one Intel® Quartus® Prime project to another.

Platform Designer groups presets in the Presets Editor as being either a Project preset or a Library preset. Project presets are those presets that you create and modify in the Presets Editor, and are saved as files in the <Intel® Quartus® Prime project directory>/ip/presets/ directory by default with an .qprs extension. You can only update or delete Project presets. The Intel® Quartus® Prime software loads Library presets during installation.

A preset appears bold when the values of all parameters in the preset match the values in the current settings.

You can use the search box to show only presets that match your search text. If you select the DDR3 SDRAM Controller with UniPHY component, and then type 1g micron 256, the preset list shows only the presets that contain that text.

You can update preset values with the current value of the parameter. The Update Preset dialog box displays the default value, which you can edit, and the current value.

  • Apply—Applies a preset to the current instance. For each parameter in the preset, the instance's parameter is set to the preset value for the parameter.
  • New—Allows you to create a new preset for the component.
  • Update—Allows you to update presets in the project.
  • Delete—Allows you to delete presets from the project.