New Preset Dialog Box (Platform Designer)

Allows you to create a preset with custom parameter settings by specifying the preset name, a description of the preset, and the version of the associated IP component.

You open this dialog box in Platform Designer by clicking New in the Presets Editor.

You can select which parameters to include as part of the preset in the Select parameters to include in the preset table.

  • Preset name—Name of the preset.
  • Preset description—Description of the preset.
  • Component version—Version of the component or IP core.
  • Preset file—The path where the preset file is saved.
  • Save—Saves the preset to the specified directory.

When you click Save, the Presets Editor writes a new Platform Designer Presets File (.qprs) file, and displays the new preset in the Presets list. Platform Designer saves the new preset in the directory that you specify in the Preset file box. The default save path for the preset file is the <current project directory>/ip/. If the directory specified in the Preset file box is not already an IP Search Path in the Options dialog box, then Platform Designer prompts you to ask whether you want to add this path to the IP Search Path list. An IP Search Path added through this process can be shared between projects.