Update Preset Dialog Box (Platform Designer)

Allows you to update custom parameter settings for Project presets.

The check boxes in the Update Presetdialog box allow you to select which parameters to include or exclude from the preset.

The Value column shows the current value of the parameter in the parameter editor. You can change the value to meet your requirements by double-clicking the current value. The Existing Value column shows the original value of the parameter in the preset file. When you click Update, Platform Designer updates the preset file with the selected parameters and their modified values.

When you click Save, the Presets Editor updates the .qprs file.

  • Preset name—Name of the preset.
  • Preset description—Description of the preset.
  • Component version—Version of the component or IP core that is compatible with the preset.
  • Preset file—Directory path where the preset file is saved.

You open this dialog box in Platform Designer by clicking Update in the Presets Editor.