Product Collection
Spare Cable Options
Marketing Status
Launch Date
Expected Discontinuance
EOL Announce
Friday, May 5, 2023
Last Order
Friday, June 30, 2023
Included Items
(1) – 120/180-mm splitter cable, 2U power cable for internal SATA. Power cable connects server board 3.3/5/12 V power connector to internal SATA SSD power connectors
(1) – 175-mm cable, server board Mini-SAS HD connectors to internal 7-pin SATA SSD (2 ports)
(1) – Sheet metal bracket for internal SATA SSDs

Supplemental Information

Power cable for internal SATA SSDs, Mini-SAS HD to 7-pin SATA, internal SATA SSD bracket. Used in 2U systems as spare and/or accessory (M50FCP2UR208 based x8, x16, x24)
front drive bay systems, M50FCP2UR312).