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Open RAN O-RU Enablement on Intel Agilex® 7 FPGA F-Tile

Delivering on the promise of Open RAN.

Key Takeaways

  • O-RAN compliance becomes crucial as RAN constantly evolve, pushing operators towards unique differentiation.

  • Intel's O-RAN O-RU enablement package with Intel Agilex® 7 F-tile, accelerates market integration and flexibility.

  • The O-RAN O-RU enablement package provides a comprehensive 5G NR O-RU workload-based solution for radio development, using Intel Agilex® 7 FPGA's scalability to offer a cost-optimized 4T4R 200Mhz oBW O-RU.

  • The O-RAN O-RU enablement package includes necessary tools and IPs for swift O-RU development.



What is Open RAN (O-RAN)?

Connectivity, along with the number of connected devices, continues to experience exponential growth. This drives the demand for a flexible Radio Access Network (RAN) architecture. An Open RAN (O-RAN) is a non-proprietary implementation of a RAN that allows interoperability between cellular network equipment provided by different vendors. The O-RAN Alliance, a worldwide community of mobile network operators, vendors, and research and academic institutions operating in the RAN industry, supports and defines the O-RAN concept.

High-level visualization of a 5g o-ran diagram
High-Level Visualization of a 5G O-RAN

Intel FPGAs Meet the Challenges of Open RAN

RAN protocols and standards are a constantly evolving field. Furthermore Open RAN compliance is becoming a market prerequisite with stringent demands. Even then, every operator must satisfy their market requirements and seek ways to offer differentiation. FPGAs are a viable solution to tackle this ever-changing world/market.

Intel’s Open RAN O-RU Enablement Package leverages Intel Agilex® 7 FPGA F-tile is designed to tackle these market turbulences and accelerate integrators' time to market with the flexibility to provide differentiating feature sets.

Read how to implement advanced networking solutions with F-Tiles in Intel Agilex® 7 FPGAs.

What is the Open RAN O-RU Enablement Package?

It is a complete solution for radio development built around a 5G NR O-RU workload. It has a comprehensive development tool suite, user guides, training, and hardware validation platforms.
O-RU enablement package diagram
O-RU Enablement Package Diagram

  • Designed for Accelerated O-RU Development
The O-RU Workload provides a baseline CAT-A radio datapath implementation supporting two component carriers for 4T4R TDD and 200MHz of occupied BW (oBW) enabling system designers to focus on product differentiation and accelerating time to market. The solution includes a 25GE/eCPRI/ORAN subsystem integrated with a complete LowPHY and digital up-and-down conversion chain.


  • Fulfill the Promise of Open RAN 
The O-RU workload is validated with FlexRAN on Intel Agilex® development platforms and Keysight ORAN Studio. Intel’s extensive Open RAN ecosystem and FPGA foundation IP library comply with Open RAN and 3GPP standards - guaranteeing interoperability with O-RAN-compliant network components.
  • Integrated IEEE1588v2 Solution Takes the Guesswork out of System Timing and Synchronization
Integrated IEEE1588 and SyncE supporting G.8275.1 and G.8275.2 profiles and O-RAN LLS-C1,C2,C3 synchronization topologies. The latest Intel PTP servo stack adds partial timing support compliant with the demanding O-RAN.WG4.CUS.0 technical specifications and is DPLL-agnostic and portable across the entire Intel Agilex® portfolio.
O-RU workload diagram
O-RU Workload Diagram
  • Optimized 4T4R Solution on a Single Intel Agilex® 7 FPGA F-Tile
Leverage Intel Agilex® 7 FPGA's scalability to support multiple use cases and system configurations enabled by common footprint across multiple device densities. The cost optimized solution implements the entire 4T4R 200MHz oBW O-RU digital functions in a single Intel Agilex® 7 AGF008 FPGA (single F-Tile).
  • Transceiver-Agnostic JESD Interfaces
The ability to leverage 3rd party converter solutions offers more options to optimize system design and HPA efficiency leading to reduced system cost and power consumption.

Why Does an Enablement Package Deliver on the Promise of Open RAN?

The Intel Open RAN O-RU Enablement Package adheres to O-RAN and 3GPP standards and provides a 100% functional proof-of-concept O-RU implementation that illustrates how users can develop differentiated 4T4R O-RU macrocell solutions.

The transceiver-agnostic JESD interfaces allow customers to leverage third-party converter solutions from traditional ADC and DAC vendors, thereby offering more options to optimize system design and high-power amplifier (HPA) efficiency leading to reduced system cost and power consumption.

In summary, the Intel Open RAN O-RU Enablement Package provides a comprehensive solution consisting of all the necessary IPs and tools, coupled with an extensive knowledge base and supported by a baseline example design to jumpstart your own O-RU development projects.

O-RU Enablement Ecosystem

Comprehensive package consisting of all the necessary tools, IP, extensive knowledge base, and baseline example design to jump-start your O-RU development.

O-RU enablement ecosystem diagram
O-RU Enablement Ecosystem Diagram

What's Included?
Intel O-RU Foundation Soft IP
25G Ethernet
Intel DSP Builder O-RU Library
Development Tools
Intel® Quartus® Prime Design Software
DSP Builder Advanced
Wireless focused FAE
Application Engineer Support
O-RU Workload User Guide
On-line videos and tutorials