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Intel vPro® with Intel® Core™ (14th Gen) Desktop Processors

Empowering Business Productivity.



The Intel vPro® Platform with Intel® Core™ (14th Gen) Desktop Processors Helps Keep Organizations Running and Workers Productive

Today’s business climate demands that organizations make smarter technology investments. This applies to all elements of a great computing experience, inclusive of the PC as a primary entry point to the cloud. Considering the productivity gains, the cost of maintaining old technology, and the advances in endpoint security, PC refresh continues to offer major benefits.

For nearly two decades, the Intel vPro® platform has defined capabilities beyond the processor, with a comprehensive platform specification incorporating a wide array of capabilities that deliver the manageability, security features, system performance, and stability that organizations need.1 With Intel® Core™ 14th Gen processors, the latest desktop PCs that meet Intel vPro design requirements can deliver personal productivity with business continuity.

Enhanced Architecture

The latest Intel Core desktop processors continue to feature a performance hybrid architecture, consisting of Performance cores (P-cores) and Efficient cores (E-cores) integrated into a single die to maximize the single-threaded and multi-threaded performance of the processor.2 Performance hybrid architecture is designed to provide computing headroom for advanced applications and multitasking.

Intel Core 14th Gen processors are compatible with previous desktop platforms based on the Intel 600 Series or 700 Series chipsets, enabling fast adoption across OEM PC portfolios.

Two critical automation technologies help deliver real-world performance on Intel Core 14th Gen processors:

  • Intel® Thread Director assigns the right task to the right core at the right time, based on optimal runtime guidance provided to the operating system3
  • Intel® Dynamic Tuning Technology manages clock frequencies for P-cores and E-cores, based on operating conditions and system design parameters

These technologies enable optimal performance, energy efficiency, and a great user experience on the latest Intel vPro desktop systems.

Accelerating AI Workloads

Both the CPU and the GPU within Intel Core 14th Gen desktop processors can execute artificial intelligence (AI) tasks as directed by application developers. The CPU typically excels at bursty, latency sensitive tasks while the GPU supports periodic throughput-intensive operations. Intel supports four major frameworks to help programmers optimize workloads. An example of this is acceleration of int8 workloads across the CPU and GPU using OpenVINO™ in concert with Intel® Deep Learning Boost.

Business Continuity

Intel vPro helps keep organizations running with a suite of manageability, stability, and security technologies segmented across Intel vPro® Enterprise and Intel vPro® Essentials versions of the platform (Table 1).

Empowering Business Productivity

Modern desktop PCs must support seamless collaboration, user multitasking, and advanced applications. As user and IT apps compete for computing resources, the Intel vPro platform becomes more vital for keeping organizations running and workers productive. Refreshing to PCs based on the latest Intel Core 14th Gen processors (Table 2) can help defend versus the latest computing threats, deploy optimal hardware for Windows 11, and address desktop computing needs at organizations of all sizes. For more information, please visit