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Intel® Core™ i3 N-Series Processors Product Brief



Immersive Collaboration and Learning

As teaching and learning evolve, PCs must evolve too. With a suite of advanced platform technologies, Intel N-series processors allow students and educators to immerse, engage and learn in new ways. Ultra-fast Intel® Wi-Fi 6E (Gig+) enables up to 3X faster speeds than Wi-Fi 51 for connectivity anywhere–from multi-client homes, to school, or even low-connectivity environments. N-series processors include an improved Image Processing Unit (IPU 6) that supports higher resolution cameras at a lower cost, GNA 3.0 for intelligent noise suppression* and support for a MIPI camera that adjusts for low-light conditions. Teachers and students can boost learning time with up to 28%2 faster load speeds while videoconferencing and multi-tasking on school projects. Whether in the classroom, at home, or on-the-go, N-series processors enable students to collaborate, communicate and learn with confidence, all without needing to connect to a power source for an entire school day.3

Scaled Up Performance and Value

With the Gracemont CPU microarchitecture built on the Intel 7 process, the newest Intel N-series processors bring dynamic performance advancements in an affordable, entry-level device. N-series processors give you flexibility to select the best processor for your needs–choose a 4-E-core Intel® Processor for 28%4 better overall application performance, or scale up to an 8-E-core Intel® Core™ i3 N-series processor for an additional 42%5 step-up in performance. Users can experience 28%6 faster browsing and 31%7 better office productivity to accomplish more. Intel N-series processors harness power and efficiency to support learning, browsing and productivity at an affordable cost.

Play and Stream Anywhere, All Day

At home or on the go, Intel N-series processors deliver affordable performance to play, create and stream. Enjoy casual gaming with up to 64%8 better graphics performance on Intel® Processor–and an additional 55%9 step-up in graphics performance with Intel® Core™ i3 N-series processor. Enhance creativity with high-quality color depth and up to 12%10 faster photo and video editing. Enjoy up to 10 hours of battery life11 while streaming Netflix at 1080p resolution. Boost your display visibility with Local Adaptive Contrast Enhancement (LACE*), even in bright sunlight. Cast on 3 simultaneous displays with up to 4KHDR resolution on one. Intel N-series processors deliver amazing streaming and playing experiences.

Intel® N-Series Processors Features at a Glance