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Stop Dreaming. Start Streaming.

Dedicated streaming PCs make streaming simple.


  • Introducing dedicated streaming PCs powered by Intel

  • Streaming made simple; start with just a few easy steps



Want your live stream to look world-class? Newtek makes live virtual sets that are realistic, software-modeled studio environments you can create in any 3D program.

If you’re into gaming or esports, you know streaming is where the action is. And while gameplay dominates the internet, the streaming universe is expanding to everything from streamers showing off their cooking skills to music and make-up tutorials.

While you might be interested in the fame and fortune that fans and corporate sponsorships can provide, streaming can also help you connect to a virtual community with others who share your interests and talents with the potential for building important real-life relationships.

A dedicated streaming PC can help you get started
If you aren’t already a streamer, the cost and complexity can be intimidating. Questions like: “How do I build a streaming PC?”, “What kind of software do I need?”, or “How do I configure my encoding settings?” have stopped many potential broadcasters in their tracks. One of the biggest hurdles is the technical challenge of setting up a streaming-ready system.

Now there is a significantly simpler and more cost-effective streaming solution, a dedicated streaming PC powered by Intel.

Most of us aren’t even certain what encoding means, let alone how to get started or what to do with the hundreds of settings or configurations. Then, there are other questions: “Do I need a camera?”, “Is my PC powerful enough?”, “What kind of software do I need?”, “Should I go out and buy a new microphone?” For a beginner, this never ending list can be enough to end their streaming career before it starts.

Intel can help make getting started simple and solve the daunting task of figuring out how to set up your PC for streaming while keeping costs under control. These easy-to-use devices are compact and portable, which means you can start streaming from almost anywhere in your home or pack it up and stream together with your friends.

Introducing dedicated streaming PCs
Easy to set up and easy to move, dedicated streaming PCs powered by Intel® Core™ processors can plug into your existing system to handle the additional performance needs for streaming, or simply plug in a webcam, headset, and monitor and you are ready to stream instantly wherever your monitor fits. Taking the headache out of stream settings, some models come with pre-configured software that automatically imports settings to provide video quality up to 1080p/60FPS for smoother visuals.

Start streaming in a few easy steps
It only takes four steps to get your dedicated streaming PC up and running:

  1. Connect your existing gaming PC to the dedicated streaming PC via HDMI to carry the video feed.
  2. Using the included cables, connect the audio from your PC to the dedicated streaming PC.
  3. Connect your webcam, headphone, and mic peripherals directly to the dedicated streaming PC.
  4. Turn it on and log into your favorite sites like Twitch* or Mixer* to start streaming.

It’s time to start showing off your skills with a dedicated streaming PC. Don’t let the technical issues hold you back any longer, go take your place in the streaming community and have fun!