12th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors for Workstation



Performance That Delivers

The 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors for workstation bring you unprecedented laptop and desktop performance through their all-new dynamic core architecture. Performance cores—or “P-cores”—bring single-thread and burst performance, while Efficient cores—or “E-cores”—enhance modern multi-tasking through multi-threaded performance and efficient offload of background tasks. To augment this hybrid architecture, the Intel® Thread Director intelligently schedules workloads for single-threaded performance when you need it and multi-threaded performance for larger workloads like rendering, video encoding and code compiling.1 Harness this processor’s power, efficiency and intelligence to accomplish more.

Uninterrupted Productivity

Powered by a suite of cutting-edge technologies, 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors for workstation allow you to dive deeper into your workflow. Support for the latest PCIe Gen 5.0 offers the connectivity bandwidth for future storage devices, accelerators and graphics cards. The dynamic noise suppression of the enhanced Gaussian & Neural Accelerator 3.0 (GNA) ensures crystal clear audio for online video calls. Dedicated Image Processing Units (IPUs) help present your best self on video calls through enhanced image quality. Execute with uninterrupted connectivity from integrated Intel® Wi-Fi 6E (Gig+) for freedom from legacy Wi-Fi device interference. Integrated Thunderbolt™ 4 offers mobile professionals a truly universal single-cable connection for power and high-speed data connection to external devices. The 12th Gen Intel® Core™ platform sets a new bar for professional-class productivity.

Reliable, Secure, Seamless

These processors provide peace of mind by helping to protect your data, guaranteeing seamless software performance and providing more security for your device. Support for DDR5 ECC UDIMM memory moves beyond the data checking of standard DDR5 memory to provide protection of business-essential data against bit-flipping. Customized, configured and certified to perform, ISV apps run as intended with these processors. The 12th Gen Intel® Core™ platform features vPro® technology for seamless system integration into existing IT managed networks. Get hardware-enhanced security through the vPro® platform with Intel® Hardware Shield. With these features and more, the 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors for workstation empower you to work fearlessly.

12th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors for Workstation: Features at a Glance

12th Gen Intel® Core™ Desktop Processors Comparison

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