Frequently Asked Questions about Badging and Photo Submission Using the Security Remote Photo Acquisition (SRPA) web application


Frequently Asked Questions

SRPA, Intel’s Security Remote Photo Acquisition tool, is available for any worker with a WWID (Worldwide Identifier) or Intel Azure login. This web application allows workers to submit requests related to their Intel identification (ID) badge. 

SRPA provides four functions. You will only see functions that are applicable to you. For more information, please see the table below.

No, you can log into the application from either the Intel network or an external network.

If you are using an Intel managed device, select your Azure link in the login for single sign-on.

        Note: make sure that your browser is set to allow pop-ups from the website.

If you are using your personal device, select log in using “Try alternate login.” Enter your WWID and your family name, then click Sign In. Select how you want to receive a pin confirmation, either email or text. Enter the code that you receive.

        Note: you will only have 10 minutes to use the code. If it expires, click the button to resend a new code.

Yes, Apple is supported for taking a photo live in the application. However if you want to upload an existing photo from your phone, it must first be converted from Apple’s built-in format (HEIC, HEIF) into a standard format (.jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .jif, .jfif, .png, .gif). 

Yes, Android is supported however please note that the Microsoft Edge browser is not supported at this time. If you do not have Chrome installed on your Intel managed device, you will have to install it on your work side of the phone’s application. 

Currently, Chrome is the only supported browser. 

The Request New First Time Badge function presents the user with the option to include an image of their government issued identification. Providing this image allows Intel to verify your identification remotely and ship your Intel identification badge to your preferred address. The decision to provide an image of your government issued photo ID is completely voluntary.

·       If you choose not to provide the image, then you will need to go to an Intel badge office to have your Identification verified before receiving your Intel badge.

·       If you choose to provide a copy of your identification, Intel will only use it for a one-time verification of your identity. Intel will not retain your identification information, your personal email, or your personal preferred address for any other purpose. This data will automatically be deleted in 10 days.

To minimize issues or delays with Intel Security completing your SRPA requests, please consider the following:

Photos - adhere to the in-app guidelines when capturing or uploading photos in SRPA. For more details on taking acceptable badge photos, refer to these Remote Badge Support instructions.

Preferred Name – certain requests (Replace Existing Intel Badge and Request New First Time Badge) allow you to specify a preferred name to print on your Intel badge in lieu of your legal first name. If you choose to submit a preferred name, it must meet ethical expectations in Intel’s Code of Conduct.