License Plate Recognition Privacy Notice

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The Automated, License-Plate-Reader technology, also known as License-Plate Recognition (LPR), enables automated detection of vehicle information. Specifically, ALPR involves capturing photographic video or images of license plates, whereby they are processed by a series of algorithms that convert the captured, license-plate images into alphanumeric text.

The LPR technology uses security cameras to capture an image of your vehicle, digitize the information and use the information for the purposes described in the next section. We also collect some or all of the following vehicle details: make, model, year, color, region or U.S. state where information is captured, and region or U.S. state where license plate is issued.

Intel uses the vehicle details for the following purposes:

  • To restrict access to only allow registered/authorized vehicles into certain areas of Intel property.
  • To maintain the safety and security of Intel campuses.
  • To monitor vehicle speed of registered vehicles for the purpose of coaching workers who demonstrate repetitive speeding or other unsafe behavior.
  • To monitor traffic flows throughout the campus to optimize resources.
  • To support the effective management of the campus operations.
  • To support investigations approved by Corporate Security and/or HR Legal.
  • To identify and/or locate an individual and/or their vehicle in an emergency.
  • To cooperate with local law enforcement.

Intel’s legal basis for collection of personal information under this policy depends on the relevant jurisdiction. The legal basis is either legitimate interest, public security, or consent.

The ALPR system data may be handled and used by the following recipients for the reasons given above and generally to maintain a safe, secure and efficient campus operation:

  • Intel Corporate Security
  • Intel Human Resources
  • Environmental Health and Safety

Intel will not share your information except where we are required to do so by law or to respond to legal process.

All users with access to the ALPR system are trained on the proper use and handling of the ALPR system data in order to protect ALPR system data as specified in this notice. Intel Corporate Security is responsible for the development and administration of this required training, which will explain how to properly use the ALPR system and the required protections for ALPR system data.

Information gathered through the ALPR system is retained for 31 days and is retained in an environment designed to be only accessible by authorized personnel with a valid reason. Note: information gathered in Israel is retained for 30 days and is retained under the same circumstances as information gathered elsewhere.