Meet SAP HANA® Security, Compliance, and Business Continuity Needs with Microsoft® Azure® VMs and Azure Large Instances Enabled by Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors

SAP HANA Database

  • Secure Your SAP Environment.

  • Maximize Your DR Investment.

  • Simplify HA Environments.



When Running Mission-Critical SAP HANA Database Workloads in the Cloud, Your Top Considerations Must Include Security, Compliance, And Business Continuity

The information in your SAP HANA Database workloads is essential to your business, and entrusting this data to the cloud is a big decision. When it comes to keeping this data secure, compliant with regulatory requirements, and available at all times, public cloud platforms differ considerably. The Microsoft Azure platform featuring Intel Xeon Scalable Processors offers:

  • A continuous investment by Microsoft to keep business-critical data secure
  • More compliance certifications than any other public cloud platform
  • SAP-certified hardware configurations
  • The ability to generate snapshots of a 24TB database in only a few minutes on Intel bare-metal SKUs
  • Intel Optane™ Persistent Memory (PMEM), which offers automatic hardware-level encryption

Maximize Your DR (Disaster Recovery) Investment

With Azure Large Instances, you can set up copies of your test environment on the same storage. This lets you run SAP HANA in Dev/Test/QA simultaneously on the same hardware with separate storage allocations. You can experiment freely on a non-critical copy of your Production (Prod) environment, and when you finish, push the changes you want to Production.

Simplify High Availability (HA) Environments

When you run your SAP HANA workloads on Microsoft Azure large instances, the higher capacity of Intel® Optane™ PMEM lets you consolidate multiple backup nodes into one. In cloud platforms with lower-capacity DRAM, storing in-memory databases such as SAP HANA could require multiple nodes. Azure’s flexible infrastructure architecture options give you the ability to consolidate failover infrastructure, reducing operational complexity and lowering total ownership costs.

Improve Business Continuity with Intel Optane PMEM

With restarts being unavoidable at times, which would you prefer: a public cloud instance that takes 44 minutes to restart or one that takes 2 minutes? Azure is the only public cloud provider that offers Intel Optane persistent memory, which dramatically speeds restart time. In a DIMM form factor, Intel Optane PMEM offers performance close to that of DRAM, and is available in much larger capacities.

During system restarts, SAP HANA automatically manages data recovery. Azure Large Instances are priced lower than DRAM-only SKUs from other providers.

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