A Certified Cloud Infrastructure Purpose-Built for SAP®: Microsoft® Azure® VMs and Azure Large Instances Enabled by Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors

SAP HANA Database:

  • Push the Boundaries of Compute

  • Scale Rapidly as Your Business Grows

  • Microsoft + Intel + SAP = A Trusted Partnership



Azure VMs and Azure Large Instances Feature Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors

When Running mission-critical SAP HANA® database workloads in the cloud, look for a certified infrastructure tailored to this platform—built by partners you trust.

The information in your SAP HANA Database workloads is essential to your business, and entrusting this data to the cloud is a big decision. As SAP’s preferred cloud provider and the first public cloud designed especially for business, Microsoft Azure features Intel Xeon Scalable processors. The platform is benchmarked and SAP HANA certified and supported. More than 200 ExpressRoute partners provide secure and reliable connectivity (up to 10 Gbps) to 60 Azure regions worldwide.

Push the Boundaries of Compute with Unparalleled Power for SAP HANA

  • An eight-node scale-out configuration backed by SAP application benchmark results processed 100.1 billion records (world record) using 45 TB of memory.
  • Companies can scale up to 36 TB of memory on a single compute SKU on Azure Large Instances (HLI) bundled with Intel Optane™ Persistent Memory.

Scale Rapidly As Your Business Grows

With M_v2 and Azure Large Instances, Azure significantly increases the CPU and memory available for SAP HANA installations. When customers can run fewer nodes, ROI improves as maintenance, support, and licensing costs all decrease.

Because Azure VMs are available on demand, customers can quickly spin up their SAP environment with up to 99.99% SLAs across availability zones. They can scale up their SAP installations during peak times and scale down when demand lessens.

Microsoft + Intel® + SAP = A Trusted Partnership

Intel and Microsoft have long partnered to deliver innovative technologies with Intel hardware supporting a broad range of Azure workloads. SAP is partnering with Intel and focusing on optimizing Intel’s platforms for SAP HANA Database, including Intel Xeon® scalable processors and Intel Optane™ Persistent Memory already available in Azure. Hear what leaders of the three companies have to say about the partnership.

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To begin your SAP HANA database deployments on Microsoft Azure VMs and Azure Large Instances with Intel Xeon Scalable processors, visit intel.com/sap.