Device as a Service (DaaS) Specialty


Device as a Service (DaaS) Specialists are proven partners that have demonstrated deep experience in implementing and Intel®-based solutions. Specialists have access to a number of value-added benefits from Intel that differentiate them from competitors and helps them create better solutions for you.

DaaS Specialty benefits include:

  • Focused co-marketing and MDF support
  • Device as a Service (DaaS) Specialist branding
  • Promotion on the Intel® Solutions Marketplace
  • Featured article on
  • Priority invitation to training and events
  • Access to Partner University
  • Inclusion in analyst studies

Intel® Partner Alliance Device as a Service Pro Competency

Achieving the Intel® Partner Alliance Device as a Service pro competency is the first step in becoming a specialist. Once an individual has completed the required training, they will also receive the Intel partner solution pro Device as a Services competency badge. This badge is for the individual to promote their technology expertise.

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Get the Tools You Need to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Device as a Service (DaaS) Specialist rewards Intel partners who have the deepest expertise in designing and deploying DaaS. As a specialist, Intel has exclusive resources available to you to help you plan, implement, and deliver your solutions, opening the door to another level of engagement with DaaS.

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Product and Performance Information

1Last calendar year or last four quarters. Billings and/or consumption sales eligible.
2May add additional T&Cs in Website/Partner Guide, e.g., no purchase at the end of term.