Driving Innovation for AI and Data-Centric Use Cases

The Intel Disruptor Initiative participants are companies that are pushing the limits of innovation. Intel supports its members by driving growth through technical enablement and multi-channel go to market activities.

Intel optimizations are making a real difference in product performance and value for our customers. In the last 3 months, our nascent partnership with Intel AI & Data Disruptor initiative has raised our market profile and have resulted in us starting 3 to 4 major joint initiatives.

Jobi George
General Manager Cloud and Partnerships at StreamSets

The Intel partnership and Disrupter Program has opened up a long-term engineering partnership between our companies that will optimize performance for our customers. Our mutual teams have collaborated on many accounts to date to help them migrate to the Snowflake Data Cloud faster. We look forward to our future together.

Peter MacDonald
Head of Strategic Partnerships at Snowflake, Inc.

Intel is helping us change the art of the possible in AI. Through the “Impact from AI in 30 days” program, that we rolled out with the Intel Disruptor Innovation Initiative, we were able to prove the capability of our Intel-optimized technology and collect success stories from already a dozen customers, including two of the Fortune 500. More success stories are coming in every week.

Arijit Sengupta
Founder and CEO of Aible