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  • May 7, 2024

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While the evolution and uptake of AI has been rapid, the industry is still in the early stages of realizing AI’s potential. The history of artificial intelligence is being written every day, in real time, by Intel and its customers and partners. By engineering platforms tailor-made for AI from the edge to the cloud, embracing an open ecosystem and standards, and prioritizing security and responsible AI, Intel is bringing AI everywhere, for everyone.

Understanding Intel's Approach

Intel’s leadership in hardware, software, process, packaging, security, manufacturing and foundry services positions the company to realize AI’s full potential. Intel continues to infuse AI into new and existing technologies, powering today’s generative AI workloads, fueling emerging usages like the AI PC and AI at the edge, and pioneering innovations that will advance the future of AI into the next decade.

Our work never stops.

Trending Topics

Intel Vision 2024

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger, other Intel leaders, and industry partners, customers and luminaries presented the future of artificial intelligence for the enterprise at Intel Vision 2024 on April 8-9, 2024.

AI Everywhere

On Dec. 14, 2023, Intel introduced a portfolio of innovations that expand the reach of AI at its "AI Everywhere" launch event. Intel ushered in the age of the AI PC with Intel Core Ultra and unveiled 5th Gen Intel Xeon, the only mainstream data center processor with built-in AI acceleration.

Intel Foundry Direct Connect

At the Intel Foundry Direct Connect event on Feb. 21, 2024, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger launched Intel Foundry as the world’s first systems foundry for the AI era, delivering leadership in technology, resiliency and sustainability.

Engineering that Moves the Industry Forward

Every industry is racing toward AI. Intel uniquely offers the full spectrum of hardware and open software platforms from the edge to the cloud that customers need to win in this era of exponential growth and AI everywhere.


The Best Approach Is an Open Approach

As AI adoption becomes ubiquitous and AI workloads become more diverse, the industry is evolving to a multi-vendor, multi-architecture environment. This creates both a level of complexity and increased challenges to balance performance with cost. The key to leveling the playing field is to foster an open ecosystem that builds trust, delivers choice and ensures interoperability, security and responsibility across the industry.

Solutions Built on Trust

AI will only be truly accessible to all when it is ethical and responsible. Intel is partnering with the industry to develop innovative ecosystem tools and solutions that will make AI safer, more secure and help maintain privacy as it scales exponentially.