Intel Investor Meeting 2022

The investor meeting will include presentations from CEO Pat Gelsinger and CFO Dave Zinsner.

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At Intel’s 2022 Investor Meeting on Feb. 17, Chief Executive Officer Pat Gelsinger, Chief Financial Officer Dave Zinsner and Intel’s business leaders will outline key elements of the company’s strategy for long-term growth. During the presentations, Intel will provide details on product roadmaps across its major business units and key execution milestones.

Breakout sessions on Intel’s growth businesses – including graphics, edge, manufacturing, foundry, software, technology development and Mobileye – are available on-demand on’s Investor Meeting Website.

A keynote livestream from 1:30-5 p.m. PST on the Intel Newsroom will feature presentations from Gelsinger and Zinsner, as well as leaders of Intel’s data center and client computing businesses.


Investor Meeting Keynote

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Executive Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions on Intel’s growth businesses are available for on-demand viewing on’s Investor Meeting Website. Topics include:

  • Accelerated Computing & Graphics – Raja Koduri, senior vice president and general manager of Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics Group
  • Environmental Social Governance – Christy Pambianchi, executive vice president and Chief People Officer
  • IDM 2.0: Manufacturing – Keyvan Esfarjani, executive vice president, chief global operations officer and general manager of Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Operations
  • Intel Foundry Services – Randhir Thakur, senior vice president and president of Intel Foundry Services
  • Mobileye – Amnon Shashua, senior vice president at Intel; president and CEO of Mobileye
  • Network and Edge – Nick McKeown, senior vice president, Intel Fellow and general manager of Network and Edge Group
  • Process Technology – Ann Kelleher, executive vice president and general manager of Technology Development
  • Software – Greg Lavender, senior vice president, chief technology officer and general manager of Software and Advanced Technology Group

Newsroom Editorials

In advance of the Intel Investor Meeting, Intel released a series of papers authored by members of Intel’s executive leadership team, including CEO Pat Gelsinger. The Intel Newsroom editorials address important topics that investor meeting presenters will discuss, including a 10-year view of the semiconductor industry and Intel’s artificial intelligence, edge and software strategies.

Datacenter and Artificial Intelligence Group Demos

Intel Investor Day 2022: Raptor Lake Sneak Peek – Shipping in the second half of 2022, Raptor Lake will deliver up to double-digit performance increases compared with Alder Lake. Built on the Intel 7 process node with performance hybrid architecture, Raptor Lake features up to 24 cores and 32 threads, and enhanced overclocking features. Raptor Lake is socket-compatible with Alder Lake systems. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

Intel Investor Day 2022 Demo: Leadership Performance for Single Cell Genomics – Single-cell genomic analysis is an advanced approach that enables genetic insights at cellular levels by decoding the gene expression of a single cell and determining how cells respond to disease or drugs. In this demonstration the Next Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processor, code-named Sapphire Rapids, finishes the workload in 370 seconds which is nearly a 2x performance advantage over the A100 GPU. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics Demos

The Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics Group (AXG) will deliver a leadership central processing unit and graphics processing unit roadmap to power high performance computing and AI workloads. Read more on “Intel Technology Roadmaps and Milestones.”

Ponte Vecchio Performance Demo – At its 2022 Investor Meeting, Intel will show Ponte Vecchio, Intel's high performance computing graphics processing unit, outperforming the competition by up to 2.6x on key benchmarks used for complex financial services applications.

Sapphire Rapids+HBM Performance Demo – At its 2022 Investor Meeting, Intel will show Sapphire Rapids with HBM outperforming 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® processors and the competition by up to 2.8x in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) workloads. CFD are routinely used in wide variety of HPC disciplines and industries to significantly reduce product development time and cost.

Introducing Arctic Sound –First unveiled at Intel’s 2022 Investor Meeting, Arctic Sound-M is a media supercomputer GPU for the data center, the industry’s first to support hardware-accelerated AV1 encode.