Intel Arc Graphics

Intel introduces Intel Arc graphics to deliver high-performance visual computing experiences to gamers and creators.

Intel is bringing high-performance graphics hardware, software, and services to gamers and creators around the world with discrete graphics processing units from Intel’s Arc A-Series portfolio.  

For decades, Intel has delivered platform innovation and generation after generation of central processing units that provide computing horsepower for billions of people. Now Intel is taking the next step to complete its mobile platform with the introduction of the Intel Arc Graphics family for laptops. 


Event Replay

Introducing Intel Arc A-Series Graphics (Event Presentation)

On March 30, 2022, Intel introduced Intel Arc A-Series graphics for laptops. Targeted at gaming and content creation, Intel Arc graphics include AI-enhanced XeSS upscaling, AI-accelerated media capabilities, Intel Deep Link technology and more.


Tech Minute: Intel’s Arc Graphics Explained in 60 Seconds

Intel introduced the first member of the Intel Arc graphics family on March 30, 2022. Here’s a one-minute breakdown of three things you need to know about Intel Arc graphics, including a new high-performance-gaming microarchitecture, a groundbreaking media engine and Intel Deep Link technology for faster encoding and streaming.

Intel Arc A-Series Graphics for Gaming and Content Creation

Intel introduced Intel Arc A-series graphics for laptops on March 30, 2022. Targeted to gaming and content creation, Intel Arc graphics include AI-Enhanced XeSS upscaling, AI-accelerated media capabilities, Intel Deep Link technology and more. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

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AV1 Game Streaming: Video shows an example of an AV1 game stream compared with an H.264 game stream. Intel Arc graphics is the first GPU to offer AV1 hardware-accelerated encode to deliver smoother, higher quality streaming.   ​

Video Upscaling with Intel’s XMX AI Engine: Demo shows how the power of Intel’s XMX AI engine can improve the quality of low-resolution videos. Video enhanced by AI can improve sharpness and detail, while scaling up the original video.  ​

Intel Xe Super Sampling (XeSS) Enhanced Gameplay: Intel XeSS enables better gameplay at higher resolutions. Demo compares native gameplay at 1080p and XeSS-enhanced gameplay upscaled to 4K. See the additional clarity and detail with Intel XeSS.​

Gaming on Intel Arc 3 Graphics: Game titles in this video all run on Intel Arc 3 graphics. Intel continues to work with an expanding list of game developers to ensure popular games deliver a great experience on Intel Arc 3 graphics. ​

Introducing Intel Arc Control Software: Video introduces the Intel Arc Control application. Software includes integrated driver downloads, access to real-time performance metrics and more.​