Intel Innovation 2022

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger, CTO Greg Lavender and AI innovator Andrew Ng lead the conversation as Intel showcases technology, tools and training to empower the world’s developers.

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Engaging with the global developer community at Intel Innovation 2022, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger, CTO Greg Lavender, and industry guests and leaders will demonstrate the power of an open ecosystem – one that provides choice, trust and confidence. They will offer a vision of ubiquitous computing, connectivity, infrastructure and artificial intelligence; build avenues for innovation with the open source community; and offer access to the next wave of technologies.

Intel will introduce new products, developer tools and services to make developers’ work easier and more efficient. The company will highlight how Intel hardware makes software go faster and do more.

Join the two-day event and come together with the open developer community as members learn from each other and build solutions to change the world. From Intel, developers will find the latest offerings across the company’s hardware, software, tools, services and support. From Intel’s partners, developers will experience creative technologies on display and focused lessons in hands-on classes.

It’s all in the effort to liberate developers so they can focus on inventing the future and bringing their own magic to life.

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Day 1 Keynote

Day 2 Keynote

13th Gen Intel Core

Media & Analyst Q&As

Following the Intel Innovation keynotes on Sept. 27 and 28, company leaders -- including Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger and members of Intel's executive leadership team -- and keynote participants took questions from media and analysts who attended the event or were invited to join virtually.

Day 1 Media & Analyst Q&A 

Day 2 Media & Analyst Q&A

B-Roll Video

Intel Innovation 2022 (B-Roll) -- At Intel Innovation on Sept. 27-28, 2022, in San Jose, California, Intel and the open developer community came together. Intel presented its latest offerings across the company’s hardware, software, tools, services and support. Partners presented creative technologies and focused lessons. B-Roll shows presentations and demos presented by Intel and its partners during the two-day event. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

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Intel Geti computer vision platform enables anyone in the enterprise — from data scientists to domain experts — to quickly and easily develop effective artificial intelligence models. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

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Intel Software

At Intel Innovation on Sept. 27-28, Intel returns to its developer roots to showcase exactly how it empowers the developer community with new generations of cool tech innovations. 

Learn more about Intel’s role in creating open ecosystems, delivering choice in solutions and building a foundation of trust by unlocking a world of new possibilities with our developer and tech partners.