Floating School-Bus Sized Tools and More: Tour Two Intel Factories

‘Behind this Door:’ A new video series takes viewers into a critical piece of Intel manufacturing: two Assembly Test Technology Development factories.




In Intel’s first “Behind this Door” video, take a sneak peek into a small — but critical — piece of the company’s manufacturing juggernaut: two Assembly Test Technology Development (ATTD) factories.

In them, engineers research and develop the latest testing equipment and processes before they pass them on to Intel’s high-volume manufacturing factories, where tens of millions of chips are tested every day.

One tool is moved around by a hovercraft contraption that floats on a cushion of air to avoid crushing the factory floor. Another uses 20,000 probing needles in an area just few centimeters square — each needle thinner than a human hair.

Another proof point of Intel’s IDM 2.0 strategy, most of these Sort Test Technology Development tools and the software that run them are developed in-house by ATTD’s Test Platform Technology Development team.