Intel Recognizes 2021 US Partners of the Year for Accelerating Innovation

Intel recognizes the outstanding achievements of 30 partners with the distinction of 'Partner of the Year' at its April Intel Partner Connect 2021 virtual conference.

What’s New: Today Intel recognized the outstanding achievements of 30 partners with the distinction of “Partner of the Year” at its April Intel Partner Connect 2021 virtual conference. The U.S. Channel — Partner of the Year awards honor Intel partners demonstrating excellence in technology innovation, go-to-market strategizing, sales growth and marketing. They represent great examples of what’s possible when Intel and its partners, as an ecosystem, work together.

“Our partners are capitalizing on fast-growing opportunities, from AI to 5G and edge, to bring forward technological innovation that spans the globe. The partner awards demonstrate our appreciation of the continued collaboration with partners to deliver world-changing technology together.”
–Greg Ernst, Intel vice president in the Sales and Marketing Group and general manager of U.S. Sales

Why It’s Important: The title of Partner of the Year is awarded to companies achieving the highest standards of design, development, integration and technology deployment to accelerate innovation, growth and go-to-market strategies.

Partner Program Winners:

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

  • iBUYPOWER – Growth: For growing its desktop gaming systems powered by the state-of-the-art technology on 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processors.
  • PureStorage – Innovation: For bringing DirectMemory using Intel® Optane™ solid state drives to market, leveraging the latest Intel technology to provide new performance and solution benefits to their customers, and delivering a modern data experience.
  • Razer – Go-To-Market: For its inaugural Razercon event, a global community-focused event resulting in 34 million impressions and a 40% uptick in sales. And for designing an Intel® Evo™-based platform, making Razer Intel’s leading U.S. channel customer to develop and launch an Evo-certified platform.
  • Evotek – Growth: For enabling digital transformation in both the data center and cloud, which allows for a secure multicloud environment framework.
  • BCDVideo – Innovation: For creating a new line of hybrid hyperconverged infrastructure systems that allow users to consolidate disaggregated workloads and scale compute and storage with ease – all powered by Intel® Xeon® processors.
  • CTL – Go-To-Market: For expanding the use cases of Chrome devices to meet customers’ needs and creating complete solutions from the classroom to the office.
  • AMAX – Growth: For designing servers, systems and workstations that help data scientists, analysts and engineers make business predictions faster through Intel® products.
  • OnLogic – Innovation: For incorporating the latest Intel® CPUs into new fan-less computers that bring enhanced reliability to customers.
  • Colfax – Go-To-Market: For designing cloud services for developer enablement and software vendor engagement and demonstrating the value of Intel® architecture for machine learning and artificial intelligence.


  • SuperMicro – Innovation: For pushing the boundaries of deep learning through ready-to-go solutions that offer the fastest path to scaling-up artificial intelligence (AI) and enable customers to build their own AI cloud.

Emerging Technology Partners

  • Altiostar – Wireless 5G Growth: For supporting innovative new technology that increases network efficiency with Intel’s broad set of offerings, allowing for next-generation virtualized radio access network.
  • Wachter – Edge Growth – For delivering unique solutions to enterprises to incorporate IoT and edge technologies for companies of all sizes.
  • Cloud Reach – Cloud Growth: For using Intel® technology to implement broad support of public cloud services and enabling multicloud environments with Intel technology.

Global SI

  • Accenture – New Markets Growth: For deploying global innovative solutions across artificial intelligence (AI), analytics, blockchain and device-as-a-service while leveraging Intel® technologies, including: Intel® OpenVINO™, Intel® Arria® 10 FPGA, Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X VPU, Intel® Connected Logistics platform and the Intel vPro® platform.


  • ASI – CCG Distributor of the Year Award: For growing client components and branded systems through a companywide focus.
  • SYNNEX – DCG Distributor of the Year Award: For growing its overall data center business across both components and branded systems to become our largest distributor in this segment.
  • Ingram Micro – NSG Distributor of the Year Award: For growing its storage business the most in 2020 through a sales and marketing strategy focused on selling solutions such as Intel Datacenter SSDs.
  • Avnet – IoTG Distributor of the Year Award: For being the largest and fastest growing embedded products distributor that also delivered the most innovative demand creation programs.
  • Ingram Micro – Marketing Distributor of the Year Award: For quickly pivoting to an innovative, engaging and creative virtual events model and consistently exceeding attendance goals and business results.
  • Avnet – Trailblazing Distributor Award: For launching “The Intel Cup,” an innovative sales and marketing framework that included executive engagement and drove strong ecosystem growth.

 Internet of Things Group

  • Tech Data – IoT Solution Aggregator Award: For playing a pivotal role in accelerating real-world IoT solutions in the US channel during an exceptionally challenging period.
  • Dell – OEM – For offering solutions for IoT, communications, medical, retail and more than 40 additional verticals.
  • Crestron – MRS: For engaging in a multifaceted Intel co-marketing campaign and utilizing the Intel® Solutions Marketplace to develop leads, accelerate its business, and drive revenue and deployments.
  • Logitech – RRK: For utilizing new, embedded architectures to maximize the potential of machine learning in battery-operated devices.

Solutions Providers

  • SHI – Growth: For achieving exceptional growth in 2020 through streamlined configuration, deployment and management of Intel® data center solutions.
  • CDW – Innovation: For bringing new solutions to market by combining Intel’s cutting-edge technology with CDW’s market prowess and amplifying with game changing, cutting edge break through marketing campaigns.
  • Zones – Go-To-Market: for development and activation of innovative sales acceleration programs to achieve market breakthough
  • WWT – Growth: For market growth with expanding data center, edge and hybrid cloud portfolio, with solutions built on Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors using Intel® Optane™ technology
  • Insight – Innovation: achieving breakthrough with  Digital Innovation Campaign and Expanding Solution Portfolio to accelerate digital transformation scale in key segments
  • Ironbow – Go-To-Market – For expanding total available market with Intel® technology through bold and creative partnership strategies to accelerate the adoption of break through solutions.
  • Presidio – Cloud Innovation: For accelerating Intel®-based solutions in data center portfolio and development of innovative public cloud solution preference program.

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