PC Connectivity Insights Help Solutions Providers Deliver Robust Applications and Services

New Intel Connectivity Analytics program provides vendors with PC client connectivity and networking insights, enabling solution innovation and better user experiences.


  • April 11, 2023

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​What’s New: Today, Intel announced a new Intel® Connectivity Analytics program that helps wireless solution providers generate unique networking and system insights – from network health and security to quality of service and customer experience – to deliver enhanced applications and services to their customers. The program is available to vendors worldwide and is already being integrated with new program participants Wyebot and Ambeent. 

“We rely on PC connectivity more than ever in our daily lives, from cloud applications and services access to communication with colleagues and customers. Through our extensive PC footprint, Intel is uniquely positioned to deliver value to companies who can leverage client connectivity and local network environment insights to enhance solution offerings for their customers.”

–Eric McLaughlin, Intel vice president in the Client Computing Group and general manager of the Wireless Solutions Group

Why It Matters: Intel Connectivity Analytics (ICA) originated as a feature collaboration with Cisco to enable Intel-based PCs to share client information securely with Cisco access points to facilitate IT network and device management and offer proactive customer support.  

The new Intel Connectivity Analytics program progressed this offering, providing select application and service providers the opportunity to engage with Intel connectivity experts to enhance solutions with incremental PC client and network environment insights.  

As more service providers join the Intel Connectivity Analytics program, greater awareness of connectivity issues and challenges on managed devices will support the development of new innovations around PC networking and ultimately enable better user experiences. 

How It Works: Intel-based PCs have a market-leading footprint and are deployed in networks around the globe and across all major segments (corporate, industrial, government, education, consumer). Subject to end-user and managed service provider consent, Intel Connectivity Analytics can be implemented by service providers to provide unique hardware and software-based insights that can help service providers better understand local network conditions from the PC client’s perspective.  

Regardless of the hardware location, whether in the office or home, these insights can provide considerable benefits in a variety of areas.  

Capabilities can help service providers support: 

  • Network performance optimization (health).  

  • Dynamic bandwidth adjustment for critical usages (quality of service). 

  • Security threat detection and issue resolution (security). 

  • Asset tracking and facility resource management (sensing/location). 

  • Client networking performance monitoring and technical support (UX/support).  

Who is Using Intel Connectivity Analytics: Quality end-to-end connectivity experiences are in high demand, and Intel Connectivity Analytics program participants Wyebot and Ambeent are the latest to integrate PC client networking insights for enhanced solutions:

  • Wyebot, a leader in next-generation AI-driven Wi-Fi automation, demystifies the performance and reliability optimization of Wi-Fi networks and delivers valuable end user experience metrics to IT organizations around the world. Wyebot’s Wireless Intelligence Platform® (WIP) protects business continuity and operational efficiency by proactively eliminating business-disrupting Wi-Fi issues from any location before users know there's a problem. Wyebot uses Intel Connectivity Analytics to enhance its solutions for the mobile workforce and complement its existing market-leading sensor technology to provide global organizations with a single platform for Wi-Fi automation. 

  • Ambeent, an innovator in network intelligence and the management of Wi-Fi and 5G technologies, provides deep visibility, contextualized management and optimization of networks and digital experiences, all while alleviating spectrum and Wi-Fi constraints without any hardware or software upgrade requirement. Ambeent is working with Intel to integrate Intel Connectivity Analytics to further enhance its network diagnostic and optimization cloud engine. By using the PC as a sensor and leveraging unique PC Wi-Fi analytics, internet service providers, managed service providers and enterprises can improve user experience and security, while reducing revenue loss and call center support costs.  

More Context: Intel Connectivity Analytics program (Intel.com)

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