Media Alert: Intel Hosts oneAPI DevSummit for AI and HPC 2022

Join a two-day virtual event to learn more about multiarchitecture software development for artificial intelligence and high performance computing.




On Dec. 6-7, Intel will host a live virtual event for researchers, data scientists and developers about multiarchitecture programming and computing. The two-day event – oneAPI DevSummit for AI and HPC 2022 – features tools and techniques for building high performance portable code, data preparation, training, inference, deployment and scaling. It is designed for attendees to:

  • Connect with industry experts focused on cross-architecture software development for artificial intelligence (AI) and high performance computing (HPC) workloads.
  • Learn about AI and analytics using industry-standard frameworks and tools that are performance-optimized by oneAPI.
  • See what’s new with oneAPI, including the Intel® AI Analytics and HPC Toolkits, and the oneAPI specification.
  • Listen to helpful overviews of key performance analysis tools that explain how to use them and where to get them.
  • Participate in hands-on workshops with TensorFlow and PyTorch.
  • Attend tech talks and panel discussions with tech experts from Argonne National Labs; University of California, Berkeley; San Jose State University; Codeplay; Intel and others.

Keynotes from Intel and Codeplay:

AI Software and Hardware Acceleration

When: 7:15-8 a.m. PST, Tuesday, Dec. 6

Where: Live | Virtual

Presenter: Andres Rodriguez, Intel Fellow and chief AI architect


Performance Portability: from Fantasy to Reality

When: 7:15-8 a.m. PST, Wednesday, Dec. 7

Where: Live | Virtual

Presenter: Andrew Richards, chief executive officer, Codeplay


To register and view the full agenda, visit the oneAPI DevSummit for AI and HPC 2022 page.