Media Alert: oneAPI DevSummit for AI 2022

Join Intel for a one-day virtual event focused on new tools and techniques to address common AI development challenges.



​On July 12, 2022, Intel will host a live virtual event focused on building AI applications that seamlessly scale from edge to cloud. This one-day event – oneAPI DevSummit for AI 2022 – is designed for researchers, data scientists and developers to: 

  • Connect with industry experts focused on addressing challenges in AI development to increase productivity and drive innovation. 

  • Learn about drop-in optimizations across popular frameworks and libraries for deep learning, machine learning and data analytics including TensorFlow, PyTorch, scikit-learn and more. 

  • See demos of Intel AI tools for end-to-end development: data preparation, training, inference, deployment and scaling. 

  • Participate in a hands-on workshop on creating an AI application for dinosaur hunting

  • Attend tech talks and panel discussions with tech experts from Accenture, RedHat, Google and Intel. 

To register and review the full schedule, visit the DevSummit for AI 2022 page on