Intel Presents at Six Five Summit

Intel leaders across AI PC, data center, edge, foundry and sustainability are part of the three-day virtual event. 


  • June 14, 2024

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Intel brought its AI Everywhere strategy to life at this year’s Six Five Summit, sharing how the company is uniquely positioned to help customers of all sizes take full advantage of the benefits of artificial intelligence.  

The three-day virtual event focused on tech ecosystem companies and included presentations from key Intel leaders on the AI PC, data center, edge, foundry and sustainability.  

The event, sponsored by The Futurum Group and Moor Insights & Strategy, ran June 11-13. Viewers may watch the presentations here or on the event’s YouTube channel. Presentations with Intel leaders: 


  • “Intel’s Unique Advantage in Leading the AI PC Category with Software” features Carla Rodriguez, vice president and general manager, Client Software Ecosystem Enabling at Intel, with Pat Moorhead, Moor Insights & Strategy, discussing the importance of enabling ecosystems to deliver new experiences on devices at scale. 
  • “Unlocking Enterprise AI Through the Power of Open Ecosystems” has Anil Nanduri, vice president, Data Center, and head of Intel AI Acceleration Office, speaking with Daniel Newman, Futurum Research, about how Intel's initiatives are shaping the future of enterprise AI adoption. By cultivating an open AI ecosystem, enterprises will be able to maximize AI investments and impact.  
  • “Systems Foundries in the AI Era” features Craig Orr, vice president of Marketing and Platforms at Intel Foundry, and Pat Moorhead, Moor Insights & Strategy, discussing why a "systems foundry" approach is essential in today’s AI era. The AI era promises to dramatically change customer requirements of foundries from simply making chips to needing leading-edge manufacturing capabilities, the world’s most advanced packaging, a resilient and sustainable supply chain, as well as a strong partner ecosystem. 
  • “The Future of AI Connectivity” features Thomas Scheibe, vice president, Product and Business Development at Intel,  with Will Townsend, Moor Insights & Strategy, discussing Intel’s vision for how AI network infrastructure needs to evolve to meet the growing demands that AI brings to networks and the importance of building this evolution using open standards, such as the Ultra Ethernet Consortium and a broad, growing portfolio of AI networking products, all based on Ethernet. 
  • “Convening Industries for a Sustainable Future,” features Todd Brady, chief sustainability officer at Intel, and Cory Johnson of Futurum Research discussing how sustainable computing is a major issue facing many industries and one company can’t solve it alone. It requires deep collaboration, and as both a chip designer and a chip manufacturer, Intel is in a unique position to convene industries to make an impact.