Intel Announces New Xeon W-3300 Processors

Intel optimizes its latest workstation platform for advanced workstation professionals.

What’s New: Intel today launched its newest generation Intel® Xeon® W-3300 processors, available today from its system integrator partners. Built for advanced workstation professionals, Intel Xeon W-3300 processors offer uncompromised performance, expanded platform capabilities, and enterprise-grade security and reliability in a single-socket solution.

Intel Xeon W-3300 processors are intelligently engineered to push the boundaries of performance, with a new processor core architecture that transforms for what expert workstation users can accomplish on a workstation.

Why It Matters: The Intel Xeon W-3300 processors are designed for next-gen professional applications with heavily threaded, input/output-intensive workloads. Use cases stretch across  artificial intelligence (AI), architecture, engineering, construction (AEC), and media and entertainment (M&E). With a new processor core architecture to transform efficiency and advanced technologies to support data integrity, Intel Xeon W-3300 processors are equipped to deliver uncompromising workstation performance.

About the New Intel Xeon W-3300 Processors: Five new processors (W-3375, W-3365, W-3345, W-3335 and W-3323) deliver outstanding performance with expanded platform capabilities in a single-socket solution. They include up to 38 cores and 76 threads with Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology, frequencies up to 4.0 GHz, 64 processor PCIe* Gen 4.0 lanes and up to 4TB of DDR4-3200 error-correcting code (ECC) memory support.

Intel Xeon W-3300 processors feature a new processor core architecture representing a new era in performance and efficiency, and  as compared to the previous generation deliver:


  • Up to 2.5 times maximum memory capacity support1 and up to 31% memory bandwidth increase.2
  • Up to 45% faster multi-threaded performance in Cinema 4D workloads.3
  • Up to 26% faster on preview rendering workloads in AutoDesk Maya.4
  • Up to 20% faster editing and encoding performance in Adobe Premiere Pro workloads.5
  • Up to 27% faster on final 3D rendering workloads in AutoDesk Maya.6

Other featured technologies include:

  • Up to 4.0 GHz with Intel® Turbo Boost 2.0.
  • Intel® Deep Learning Boost to power machine learning inferencing workloads.
  • Up to 4TB DDR4-3200 8-channel memory support.
  • Intel® AVX-512 instruction support.
  • Error-correcting code (ECC) memory support.
  • Built-in reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) technologies.
  • Intel® Optane™ SSD P5800X support.

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The Small Print:

1Performance varies by use, configuration and other factors. Learn more at​.

Performance results are based on testing as of 05/20/2021 and may not reflect all publicly available updates. No product can be absolutely secure. For workloads and configurations visit

Altering clock frequency or voltage may void any product warranties and reduce stability, security, performance, and life of the processor and other components. Check with system and component manufacturers for details.

Your costs and results may vary.

Intel technologies may require enabled hardware, software or service activation

1Intel Xeon W-3300 CPU: 8 channels, 4TB (2DPC) vs. Intel Xeon W-3200 CPU: 6 channels 1.5TB (2DPC)

2Intel Xeon W-3300 CPU: 8 channels 3200 MT/s (2DPC) vs. Intel Xeon W-3200 CPU: 6 channels 2666 MT/s (2DPC)

3Based on Cinebench R23 Multi-Threaded (MT) score results on Intel® Xeon® W-3375 processor vs. Intel® Xeon® W-3275 processor.

4Based on the Fast time to render using the Arnold Renderer in AutoDesk Maya on Intel® Xeon® W-3375 processor vs. Intel® Xeon® W-3275 processor.

5Based on PugetBench (0.95.1) – Adobe Premiere Pro (2021) 15.0 – Standard score results on Intel® Xeon® W-3375 processor vs. Intel® Xeon® W-3275 processor.

6Based on the Slow time to render using the Arnold Renderer in AutoDesk Maya  on Intel® Xeon® W-3375 processor vs. Intel® Xeon® W-3275 processor.

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