Sunil Shenoy

Senior Vice President

General Manager, Design Engineering Group

Sunil Shenoy is senior vice president and general manager of the Design Engineering Group at Intel Corporation. He is responsible for design, development, validation and manufacturing of intellectual properties and system-on-chips for client and data center applications.

Shenoy returned to Intel in February 2021, after three years as a senior vice president and general manager of RISC-V at SiFive, a company working to commercialize the RISC-V open architecture where he helped build the engineering team.

Prior to 2014, Shenoy had a 33-year career with Intel. During that time, he was corporate vice president in charge of Intel’s Platform Engineering Group, responsible for microprocessor and SoC design across Intel’s product groups. Among other responsibilities, he also led Intel’s Visual and Parallel Computing Group and server and PC silicon development engineering and research and development.

He holds 16 patents in computer and microprocessor technology.

Shenoy received a master’s degree in computer engineering from Syracuse University and an MBA from the University of Oregon.