Intel, Juniper Networks and Rakuten Symphony Collaborate to Develop Symware

New open RAN solution aims to modernize radio cell site routing by leveraging the latest cloud-native architecture built on Intel technologies.

Intel, Juniper Networks and Rakuten Symphony announced a collaborative effort to develop Symware, a pioneering, carrier-grade open radio access network (RAN) solution for mobile network operators, providing them the flexibility to densify their network, accommodate various network topologies and support new features while reducing the required hardware at each site.

“We continue to see the industry shift to take advantage of the many benefits provided by the cloudification of the RAN,” said Dan Rodriguez, corporate vice president and general manager of the Network Platforms Group at Intel. “By utilizing our next-generation Intel® Xeon® D processors and FlexRAN™ reference software, this collaboration showcases how RAN workloads can be consolidated onto a single server and meet the performance, capacity and cost requirements of 5G RAN deployments.”

A strong ecosystem enables creativity to spark new business outcomes for customers. The solution is developed with Rakuten Symphony’s unmatched know-how and experience with cloud-native and open RAN-based networks, leading containerized RAN software, Intel’s next-generation Intel Xeon D processors and FlexRAN™ reference software, and Juniper’s carrier-hardened cloud-native routing stack. Symware will be offered by Rakuten Symphony to provide operators more opportunity to create innovations within their networks, while broadening and securing their supply chains.

It’s another important step in Intel’s commitment to make networks more flexible, programmable and power efficient to support the next generation of use cases and services.

Read the full announcement at "Rakuten Symphony, Intel and Juniper Networks Introduce Next Generation Distributed RAN and Transport Solution to Further Simplify Open RAN Deployments at Scale".

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