Intel’s PC Reference Design Program Helps Partners Think Ahead

The Reference Design team is dedicated to driving cutting-edge PC innovation.


Laptop experiences cannot simply be measured by speed tests, benchmarks or numbers on a spreadsheet. Experiences are most impactful when focused on anticipating the growing needs of people and solving pain points — often through complex engineering. Enter the Intel Reference Design Program.

“As an engineer, we know that an idea can’t change the world unless it’s out in the world,” said Gurpreet Sandhu, leader of the Intel Reference Design team, which is dedicated to making the cutting edge a new reality.

The Intel Reference Design Program has been active for several years, but remote working and virtual education over the past year revealed new priorities for PC performance, quietness, and audio and video clarity. 

Fortunately, Intel and its partners were already ahead of the curve, designing new laptops to meet those needs. Examples of the team’s work includes foldable displays for laptops, the 1-watt panel and thin-and-light laptop prototypes that have inspired Intel® Evo™ platform designs.

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