Intel Social Media Guidelines

Social media has become an integral part of modern life. It keeps us in touch with friends and family, it informs us about our world, and it gives us a platform allowing us to be heard.

Social media can be a powerful force for good, and we want to encourage Intel employees to use social media in positive ways. When you are online, we have three requests for you:

  1. Be Upfront
  2. Focus on the Good about Intel’s Products and Services
  3. Use Your Best Judgment

Social media is rapidly changing, and these policies evolve along with it. Check back frequently to make certain the policies haven’t changed to keep pace.

What do our policies mean? They mean that we trust you. We bring smart people into the Intel family and we expect you to make smart decisions. This means that you are both the person in the best position to tell the world why Intel is such an amazing place to be and the person best suited to protect Intel from harm.

Be Upfront

  • Being upfront means being truthful, transparent and proud about your relationship to Intel. Your honesty, or dishonesty, will be noticed quickly in the social media environment.
  • If you are posting about your work at Intel specifically, or about related news in the tech industry, identify that you are part of Intel with hashtag #IAmIntel. Place your hashtag I am Intel so it’s easy to find. Don’t mix it in with a group of hashtags or links.
  • Add a disclaimer to your opinions when posting so others know you are not representing the opinion of Intel Corporation such as: “This is my personal opinion and it does not represent the opinion of Intel Corporation”.

Note: You do not have to disclose your connection to Intel if you are sharing about personal interests, not tied to Intel brand or industry.

  • Do not create accounts with “Intel” in your handle name, these include examples like “yourname_underscore_Intel” or “nameatIntel” or “namefromIntel”.

Focus on the Good about Intel’s Products and Services

  • Be authentic and honest. Use your own name and be personal. Use conversational language that doesn’t sound rehearsed or too polished. Don’t forget to show genuine excitement and interest in what they are saying.
  • Make sure that when posting about Intel products that you focus on the positive impact of Intel.
  • Now let’s talk about disparagement for a minute. Engaging in ridicule, mockery, or scorn, is not keeping with fair competition, and it violates Intel’s code of conduct. So please do not slam our competitors or partners, or Intel products for that matter. In some countries, disparagement is illegal, and disparagement of an individual can lead to libel or slander claims. Avoid commenting on competitor’s products, in general. Comments should always be fair and balanced using only public information.
  • Intel’s trademarks and brands are valuable assets and must, of course, always be protected. Please always use the correct product names. Do not use code names. Protect our intellectual property (IP).
  • Let PR manage the breaking news and tackle public relations.

Use Your Best Judgment

  • Be professional and a good citizen when communicating about products, services, or the industry. When posting be professional about the information you share and always strive to improve your environment and those around you.
  • It’s a good practice to remind yourself that everything you put on social media is public; anything you say is on the record, and accessible to just about anyone, so be careful about what you post. This also applies to chat apps. Even if you delete something as an afterthought, people may have already captured, saved and shared the information.
  • External communications should never contain classified or proprietary information, and social media is no exception. Do not post trade secret or proprietary information, including info marked Intel “Confidential”, “Top Secret”, “Classified” or “Internal Only”.
  • Remember don’t link to or post anything you wouldn’t be able to say yourself.
  • If you’re about to publish something that makes you even the slightest bit uncomfortable, respect your gut feeling and don’t publish it.
  • Everyone makes mistakes, we understand that. If you make a mistake regarding social media at Intel, or even think you might have, acknowledge it and correct it with your followers. If you see peers or colleagues engaging in risky social media practice, let us know. Send an email to and ask for guidance.
  • Make sure that any claims you make about products or services are properly substantiated. Substantiation of claims on social media is as simple as linking to the original approved information where the claim was made (usually

Additionally, if you see something being shared related to Intel on a social media platform that shouldn't be happening, immediately inform

If you are an Intel employee, contingent worker, or with an affiliated agency, you can learn more about our social media policies by visiting our social media pages on Marketing Central:

Intel Social Media Guidelines Concerning Marketing

Intel supports transparency, accuracy, honesty, and authenticity. We are committed to ensuring that our social media practitioners (including blogs, Facebook, Twitter, forums and any other social media) clearly disclose relationships and endorsements, and that statements about Intel products are truthful and substantiated.

If you are a social media practitioner who has been gifted with or loaned a product, incentivized, or otherwise has an ongoing relationship with Intel, these guidelines apply to you. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these guidelines, please get in touch with your Intel sponsor.

Rules of Engagement for Intel Sponsored, Seeded, or Incentivized SMPs

Be transparent. Intel supports transparency about your identity and relationship to Intel. We are committed to ensuring that our sponsored social media practitioners (including blogs, microblogs, forums, and any other social media) clearly and conspicuously disclose their relationship to Intel, including incentives and sponsorship. Please be sure this information is readily apparent to the public and readers of each of your posts. For tweets or other written posts on platforms such as Facebook as well as descriptions of photos on platforms like Instagram, start your post with #Paid or #Ad. If you are posting a video on a platform such as YouTube use #Intel Ad on the actual video footage in the top corner of the screen, preferably at the beginning of the video, as well as including “Sponsored by Intel” above the line in the description of the video. If you are creating a podcast, in the opening line of the podcast, you should disclose the relationship, an example of wording you should use would be: “This episode is a paid sponsorship by Intel”. If you use alternative language please ensure you use the word “paid” in your wording.

By stating that disclosures be clear and conspicuous, practitioners should make claims that are close to the claims to which they relate, in a font that is easy to read, and in a shade that stands out against the background. For video ads, disclosures need to be on the screen long enough to be noticed, read, and understood. Audio disclosures need to be read in a cadence that is easy to follow and with understandable words.

Write about your genuine and authentic experience. Please talk specifically about your experiences with our products and services instead of making general product claims that you aren’t as familiar with. Be honest and accurate.

Write what you know. We encourage you to write in the first person and stick to your area of expertise as it relates to Intel® technology.

Your responsibility. Keep in mind that what you write is your responsibility and failure to abide by these guidelines (including failure to disclose your relationship to Intel) could put your Intel sponsorship or incentive at risk. Also please always follow the terms and conditions for any third-party sites in which you participate.

Intel monitors social media related to our business, including the activities of our sponsored, seeded, or incentivized SMPs. We are committed to transparent, truthful, and accurate representation of Intel® products.

If we find any statements or claims that are false or misleading, we will contact you for correction. If, as a sponsored SMP, you are found to consistently and repeatedly fail to disclose your relationship to Intel, or make false or misleading statements about Intel, Intel® products, or Intel® Services, we may discontinue our relationship with you.