PHY Interface for PCI Express*, SATA, and USB 3.1: Specification


The PHY Interface for the PCI Express*, SATA*, and USB* Architectures (PIPE) is intended to enable the development of functionally equivalent PCI Express, SATA and USB PHY's. Such PHY's can be delivered as discrete IC's or as macrocells for inclusion in ASIC designs. The specification defines a set of PHY functions which must be incorporated in a PIPE compliant PHY, and it defines a standard interface between such a PHY and a Media Access Layer (MAC) and Link Layer ASIC. It is not the intent of this specification to define the internal architecture or design of a compliant PHY chip or macrocell. The PIPE specification is defined to allow various approaches to be used. Where possible the PIPE specification references the PCI Express base specification, SATA 3.0 specification, or USB 3.1 specification rather than repeating its content. In case of conflicts, the PCI-Express Base specification, SATA 3.0 specification, and USB 3.1 specification shall supersede the PIPE spec.