Having the right software is critical to success in the AI market. With AI compute needs doubling every three years, it's vital that developers architect solutions that are built for today but scale for the future. Intel created OpenVINO as a tool for developers so that applications written in the language that our customers use, such as Python and C++, can be applied, but they're also optimized for the right underlying hardware-- spanning CPU, GPU, FPGA, or VPU. Different applications can leverage specific models and target a breadth of latency, power, and processing requirements. There's no one-size-fits-all for hardware solutions.

Now let's talk about software optimization. AI model development is much different than AI deployment. And there are huge opportunities for optimization at the edge that can positively impact performance and accuracy. With the use of OpenVINO toolkit and other Intel tools, our partners have received anywhere from single digit percentage performance increases to triple the performance using the same existing hardware.

We are seeing many customers migrate from high cost, less reliable hardware products to get the necessary performance with a significantly lower bill of materials. We are eager to help you, our broader partners and the customer ecosystems you serve, to educate, assess, support, and optimize software applications so that you can provide the best solution to your customers.