In the gaming and entertainment industries, vision technology is creating fascinating opportunities to enhance customers experiences, while simultaneously improving operational efficiencies. Vision technology continues to be instrumental to safety and surveillance-use cases with improvements in technology. What is fascinating is how modern AI solutions are being used to provide new benefits to the industry. Anonymous player tracking allows casino operators to provide benefits to patrons, even if they have not registered for a player card. Modern accuracy of game play and chip coding provides guest with a seamless experience while minimizing operational costs for operators.

Sync Vision is a biometric tracking solution for KONAMIs Casino Management System that uses facial recognition to identify, rate, and reward all players, regardless of whether or not they're members of the established player loyalty program. In collaboration with Intel and its partners, KONAMI is now able to track players automatically based on their unique facial characteristics, rather than requiring them to sign up or use player tracking cards, giving our customers the ability to truly understand, rate, and reward all carded an uncarded play activity for the first time. Sync Vision can now rate and reward non-loyalty program players with a signed anonymous accounts in the same manner as traditional carded players. This gives permission to operators the ability to automatically track, reach, analyze, and even reward guests that play at the property.

Camera technology is being deployed ubiquitously giving computers the ability to see what is happening. When paired with recent innovations in AI technology, the computers are also able to use deep learning to understand, or infer, what they are seeing. The technology is transforming business outcomes across industries, making cities safer, modes of transportation manufacturing facilities more efficient, driving increased sales and operational efficiencies for retailers, and providing life-saving opportunities through early detection in hospitals.

The possibilities of using computer vision to drive business transformation and outcomes are endless. Please reach out to your Intel account representative or visit us at We look forward to partnering with you.