Yunji Technology

Equipment Provider

About this Partner and Product

  • Product Name: Delivery Services Robot

  • Industry: Hospitality

  • Use Case: Control Optimization & Autonomy

  • Intel Solution Type: Intel® IoT Market Ready Solution

  • Targeted Geographies: People's Republic of China



Yunji Technology

As a leading domestic technology company focusing on the application and technology research and development of commercial robot products, Yunji Technology focuses on the production-based and commercial operation of intelligent robots with years of accumulation in indoor positioning and navigation, robot movement, big data and other aspects.

About the Product

With the Delivery Services Robot, collect robot and customer data simultaneously then analyze which items are most popular, or how many items were delivered. This solution can help a hotel improve inventory management, improve operating efficiency and profits with robot employees. 

Delivery Services Robots are equipped with containers, app in WeChat form, and the Robot Waiter System, which frees up human employees to perform other tasks. This solution has been deployed and adapted for hospitals, including Wuhan.

Powered by: Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit

Intel components: Intel® NUC, Intel® Celeron™ processor, Intel® Movidius™ NCS2, Intel® RealSense™