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Industry: Health and Life Sciences | Available Territories: Asia Pacific and Japan

About this Partner and Product

  • Product Name: WorkSafe

  • Industry: Health and Life Sciences

  • Targeted Geographies: Asia Pacific and Japan

  • Use Case: Situational Monitoring



Vulcan AI

Vulcan AI combines AI expertise and industry experience to collaboratively help clients unlock value from AI not just in the lab but on a commercial scale. Their focus is delivering quick results with a continuous focus on improvement and innovation to deliver sustainable value. 

About the Product

WorkSafe* is Vulcan AI’s AI-for-good solution to help businesses reopen safely. This Artificial Intelligence (AI) application gives you timely and actionable alerts to help keep your employees and partners safe from Covid-19. WorkSafe helps you monitor and drive behavioural change to manage Covid-19 risk.

  • WorkSafe* takes in any CCTV feed from your office premise without any need for upgrades and analyses the feed for high risk behaviour. Simply provide an RTSP URL and we can power your CCTV camera with AI capabilities.

Examples of high risk behaviors that can be detected out of the box are anyone not wearing a face mask, not practicing safe distancing or overcrowding at any location.

Types Of High Risk Behaviours Captured: Social distance violation, overcrowding, non-compliance of face mask policy

  • WorkSafe* facilitates visual cues and alerts through displays to remind and encourage the right behaviour in the “new normal”. Nudges can be sent to occupiers through emails or mobile notifications to encourage the right behaviour and following of protocols, allowing near real-time behaviour correction.
  • Safety management officers will receive daily risk assessment reports which highlight high-risk workspaces, behaviours and individuals that may be putting the workplace at risk of Covid-19.

Daily Report View + Heatmap: Identify where and when high risk behaviours are happening to help you optimize deployment of workplace safety managers to be at the right place, right time.

Risk Analytics dashboard: Analyze the trend of high-risk behaviours happening around your workplace.

WorkSafe* leverages on the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit to bring the application of computer vision solution to offices. The Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit enables the CNN-based deep learning inference on the edge and allows the solution to support multiple camera streams without the need for a large GPU.

In addition, the high-performance inference capability of the toolkit allows WorkSafe* to be deployable without being bogged down by hardware restrictions. The library of functions and pre-optimized kernels within the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit enabled WorkSafe* to speed up development time and focus on core applications.

The library of functions and pre-optimized kernels within OpenVINO™ toolkit enabled WorkSafe to speed up our development time and focus on the core applications of WorkSafe.