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Industry: Health & Life Sciences | Available Territories: Europe, South America, People's Republic of China, Asia Pacific and Japan, Africa and Middle East

About This Partner and Product

  • Product Name: AI-Assisted Diagnosis of Medical Imaging Solution

  • Targeted Geographies: Europe, South America, People's Republic of China, Asia Pacific and Japan, Africa and Middle East

  • Industry: Health and Life Sciences

  • Competency: Medical Imaging



Huiying Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

HY Medical is dedicated to applying artificial intelligence in the medical imaging domain, with a number of patented technologies specialized in deep learning. Based on cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence technologies, with industry-leading technology and commercialization capability, their products and services have been applied in more than 1,000 medical institutions, including more than 300 hospitals.

About the Product

AI-Assisted Diagnosis of Medical Imaging Solution

Based on cloud and edge technology, powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors, HY Medical built three product lines including an AI-assisted Diagnosis Platform, AI Scientific Research Platform, and Cloud PACS Platform. 

AI-assisted Diagnosis Platform: A neural network system for medical imaging to achieve high recognition of disease lesions. At present, the company's artificial intelligence-assisted diagnosis platform includes AI-assisted Screening System for CT Lung Nodules, AI-assisted Screening System for COVID-19, AI-assisted Screening System for TB, Bone Fractures and other products. 

AI Scientific Research Platform: Scientific research platform driven by medical big data, including a radiomics platform and deep learning research cloud platform for scientific research and one-step scientific analysis of medical imaging data.

Cloud PACS Platform: Building with leading IT infrastructure, Cloud PACS Platform enables scalable cloud archiving and easy access for healthcare professionals with a high security guarantee.

Powered by:  Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ Toolkit

Intel Components: Intel® Xeon™ Processors