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Industry: Cities and Transportation | Available Territories: Europe, North America, South America, Central America, Asia, Pacific and Japan, Africa and Middle East

About this Partner and Product

  • Product Name: Driving Vision Assistance*

  • Targeted Geographies: Europe, North America, South America, Central America, Asia, Pacific and Japan, Africa and Middle East

  • Industry: Cities and Transportation

  • Competency: Object Recognition




EverFocus uses the latest techniques and state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment in the production line to provide quality products. Currently, their efforts supply more than three million pieces of security products annually. Their commitment to quality makes EverFocus one of the world’s most respected surveillance system providers.

About the Product

Driving Vision Assistance*

EverFocus Driving Vision Assistance* Solution includes an edge system (eIVP-CFS-IV-V0004) powered by a 9th Gen Intel® Core™ processor, along with deep learning AI models accelerated by Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X VPU.

The purpose of the solution is to bring safety in transportation with AI, providing a safe driving journey no matter the drivers, passengers or road users. Pre-installed with EverFocus in-house designed AI NVR software, the solution provides basic NVR functions such as real-time video monitoring, recording, alarm notification, and video playback, along with AI functions including driver fatigue and distraction monitoring, plus blind spot monitoring with acceleration from Intel® Movidius™ Vision Processing Unit.

This solution can be used as an in-vehicle AI NVR providing basic NVR functions along with AI functions. The basic NVR functions include real-time video monitoring, recording, alarm notification and video playback. The instant alarm notification is able to warn the drivers when drivers steer, brake or reverse by pop-up the related channel live view with warning icons or making an alarm sound to warm the driver.

As to the AI functions, EverFocus utilizes the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit AI models plus their own algorithm to develop AI models including Driver Fatigue, Distraction Monitoring, and Blind Spot Monitoring.

The Driver Fatigue and Distraction Monitoring models track a driver’s facial attributes including eyes, mouth and head movements, for signs to recognize whether a driver is fatigued or distracted, then warns the driver to be focused on the road to prevent incidents before they happen.

Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) can detect various moving objects that appear in the blind area around a vehicle, including the front view, rear view and side view, and warn the driver of approaching objects. BSM can detect objects like pedestrians, 2-wheel vehicles including bicycles and motorcycles, 4-wheel vehicles including cars, vans, trucks and buses.

Powered by: Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ Toolkit

Intel Components: Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X VPU, Intel® Core™ processors