Intel® Vision Products Use High Performance Deep Learning Inference to Optimize Vision Surveillance

Intel® Vision Products Use High Performance Deep Learning Inference to Optimize Vision Surveillance Capabilities Intel’s robust portfolio of vision products helps AnyVision* enhance AI capabilities at the edge, while reducing cloud processing and hosting costs There is a growing demand on businesses to compute vast streams of visual data and obtain actionable insights in real-time Across vertical sectors, organizations are looking to deploy cutting-edge smart vision solutions to process daunting amounts of vision data on-premise and run vision analytics, using existing cameras and infrastructure, to gather actionable insights. By doing so, organizations hope to address challenges in security, safety, and customer experience. In the retail vertical, businesses can utilize in-store surveillance to prevent loss, and leverage vision-based insights to provide the “real-world” experience that shoppers now expect outside of physical stores. Users in other verticals, such as transportation and smart city, face challenges around preserving the safety of transit commuters, while also trying to limit budgetary impacts. To address these unique challenges, organizations require a vision solution that: • Enables responsive, real-time visual analytics by driving compute at the edge • Enhances edge AI capabilities and on-premise monitoring without requiring expensive hardware and infrastructure replacement • Complies with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements, while integrating and scaling with enterprise systems Only Intel can deliver the most comprehensive array of intelligent vision capabilities to the wider market The Intel® Vision Products portfolio is comprised of silicon, software tools, deep learning frameworks, and libraries that are uniquely positioned for the next generation of AI. Intel Vision Products are helping put your data to work, from the edge to the cloud, so you can act in real time, make decisions faster, and implement new operational strategies to drive immediate results. At the hardware level, Intel boasts the most comprehensive selection of acceleration silicon in the industry. Intel® CPUs, CPUs with integrated graphics, and Intel® Vision Accelerator Design Products based on Intel® Movidius™ VPUs and Intel® FPGAs help deliver highly accurate vision analytics performance and compute efficiency. Intel also offers an array of software tools, including the Intel® Distribution of Open Visual Inference and Neural Network Optimization (OpenVINO™) toolkit, for accelerating the development and integration of intelligent vision solutions and capabilities at scale. This end-to-end suite helps integrate vision capabilities across your entire end-to-end infrastructure. 1 $17B+ Computer vision 1 overall market by 2023 79% Retailers will invest in 2 vision analytics by 2021 $68.34B Video Surveillance 3 Market by 2023 AnyVision’s state-of-the-art vision solutions are shaping the future of edge AI to create a smarter, safer, and better tomorrow AnyVision is a world leader in the design and development of AI and computer vision technology. Founded on the principle of solving real-world problems, AnyVision uses their 20+ years of academic research and field experience to create software technology with continuous learning, customizable features, and the ability to run on multiple platforms. It’s no wonder AnyVision is responsible for empowering 100,000+ 4 cameras since their launch, with a 0.1% false alarm rate. The Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit unlocks advanced vision capabilities and eases budgetary strains for AnyVision customers Using the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit, AnyVision can enhance the performance of AI capabilities at the edge. Without the need for infrastructure replacement or hardware overhaul, AnyVision customers can now leverage computer vision and deep learning capabilities on their existing cameras and edge devices. And by bringing deep learning to a variety of hardware platforms, AnyVision is increasing the accuracy