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Industry: Public Sector, Government, Retail | Available Territories: People's Republic of China, Asia Pacific and Japan

About this Partner and Product

  • Product Name: CUE Real-time AI Facial and Body Temperature Detector

  • Targeted Geographies: People's Republic of China, Asia Pacific and Japan

  • Industry: Public Sector, Government, Retail

  • Competency: Object Detection



Shanghai Cue Co., Ltd.

CUE Group was founded in 2018 by industry elites together with world-class PE institution KKR. CUE provides professional services and products, that includes a Smart Digital Marketing Solution, Smart Retail Solution, Smart Entertainment Solution, and AI Smart City Solution. Through omni-channel marketing, and industry chain wide data coverage, CUE Smart Digital Marketing Solution has served over 2000 well-known corporate clients. 

Together with insights from clients’ business growth scenarios, they have fully demonstrated their Smart Digital Marketing capabilities in various verticals. Through CUE’s industry chain integration capability and dedication to vertical scenarios for consumer brands and retailers, CUE’s Smart Retail Solution helps clients to have a completed online-offline cycle, attack their sales conversion pain points and achieve real sales growth.

About the Product

CUE Real-time AI Facial and Body Temperature Detector*

CUE Real-time AI Facial And Body Temperature Detector* utilizes automatic facial recognition and body temperature measurement to effectively monitor traffic flow in various areas, sending out alarms when it identifies an individual with body temperature above the normal measurement and those walking next to or around him.

Powered by: Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ Toolkit