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  • Products: byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services*, byteLAKE’s CFD Suite* (AI-accelerated CFD)

  • Industry: All

  • Targeted Geographies: North America, Europe, South America, Asia Pacific and Japan, Middle East and Africa

  • Use Case: All



byteLAKE is an AI & HPC software company developing AI-powered solutions for enterprises. The company offers both products and services, enabling innovative, AI-powered automation and data-driven, proactive operations across various industries i.e. AI-assisted Visual Inspection and Big Data analytics for manufacturing, AI-accelerated Computational Fluid Dynamics, AI for Industry 4.0, workflow and document processing automation etc.


byteLAKE’s CFD Suite* (AI-accelerated CFD) is a collection of AI models (Artificial Intelligence) to significantly accelerate the execution of CFD simulations (Computational Fluid Dynamics). CFD Suite is a data-driven solution designed to enable a straightforward and simple integration with leading CFD CAE (Computer-Aided Design) software tools and workflows. As an add-on to existing CFD tools, CFD Suite allows engineers to ultimately cut the time to results of complex and expensive simulations. It has been experimentally proven that the CFD Suite can reduce the time to results at least by a factor of 10x and keep the accuracy of predictions above 93%.

Key Features:

  • CFD solvers accelerated with AI / Artificial Intelligence
  • Augmentation of numerical solvers with complementary AI models
  • Solver specific AI models for Digital Twin industrial scenarios
  • Designed to scale up fast

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byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services* is a collection of AI models designed to address Industry 4.0 needs. Each AI model has been designed and trained to be razor-focused on specific industry tasks., ensuring maximum accuracy 

Key features include:

  • AI-assisted visual inspection for efficient quality or quantity of products monitoring as well as industrial process monitoring.
  • AI-powered Big Data / IoT sensors data analytics to find trends, enable predictive maintenance, and answer questions like why something happens, what will likely happen, or to find the collective meaning of the data acquired through various sources.

Note: byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services is also available as a special customization for Paper Mills.

Wet Line Detector for Paper Mills automates detection and measurements of the so-called wet line. This module helps reduce costs, expedite visual inspection and avoid unplanned downtime in paper production. Available as a complete end-to-end solution, including edge components (hardware computing units, cameras), software license, integration services or guidelines as well as post-deployment customer care.

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