a2 Technology

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About this Partner and Product

  • Solution Name: a2-VCA

  • Industry: Cities and Transportation

  • Competency: Video Analytics

  • Available Geographies: All



a2 Technology

a2 Technology is an innovative and dynamic technology company focused primarily on Video Analysis solutions. They build all their solutions on unique algorithms that they have developed using a combination of conventional image processing methods and modern technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Within the scope of Smart Cities and Safe Cities; they produce intelligent and advanced software for the traffic, transportation, and security sectors.

About the Solution

The a2-VCA* Incident Detection System is video analysis-based secure transportation solution that instantly detects incidents or accidents by real-time processing live images of the cameras that follow the road, and alerts operators with audible and visual alarms.

Powered by: Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit

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