Intel® ON Event Series Frequently Asked Questions

Intel® ON Event Series FAQs

Intel ON events will feature the latest thinking from the world’s community of business and technology innovators while providing you with opportunities to learn, build skills, and network. Our new annual events are designed to inspire, engage, educate, and connect.

The series will kick off with a global flagship event in 2021:

Intel Innovation is where technical inspiration happens. Gain the perspectives and training required to shift what’s possible through technology—today and tomorrow.

We plan for Intel Innovation to be a hybrid (physical/digital) event taking place in October 2021, in San Francisco.

Yes. Each year Intel Innovation will happen in the fall. Other Intel ON events will be added over time.

We’re bringing back the spirit of the beloved IDF series while adding new refinements and evolutions.

Intel Innovation is for software developers, hardware developers, architects, technology managers, and C-level executives. We also encourage educators, PhD and college students, data scientists, researchers, press, industry analysts, investors, and influencers to attend.

We plan to open registration for Intel Innovation in August. You can sign up to receive the latest updates and details as they’re made available at

We’ll share technical insights, knowledge, and training to help spark your next big breakthrough. You can expect to hear about exciting, emerging opportunities while gaining the knowledge you need to make the most of them. Join us for in-depth technical discussions about today’s hottest topics: AI, IoT, intelligent edge, 5G, networking, distributed intelligence, pervasive computing, and more.

Intel Innovation will be a fee-based hybrid event, look for more details as they are made available at

We are currently working to finalize opportunities for participation, including sponsorships. More details will be made available soon.