Google Cloud

Google Cloud N2 instances enabled by the Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors consistently increases performance gen-o-gen.

Google Cloud and Intel: Moving Transformation Forward

Google Compute Engine is committed to providing customers with choice and flexibility bringing the 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor to the General Purpose N2 virtual machine family.

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Arcules Enhances Video Security with a Cloud-Native Vision

Unified cloud security platform achieves 15% total cost of ownership savings by scaling with Google Cloud instances enabled by Intel.

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Lilt Delivers Adaptive Neuronal Machine Translation Technology Using GCP N2 Instances

Optimization of Lilt’s model using Intel optimized TensorFlow has helped to achieve up to 2.53x on Google Cloud enabled by Intel Xeon technologies and using Intel optimized Tensorflow over stock Tensorflow. This has helped to improve speed, surpassing the ISV’s tokens per second request, which can lead to a reduction in translation cost.

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