Intel HERE

Program Information and FAQ

Intel’s Hardship and Employee Relief for Employees (Intel HERE) is a public charity designed to provide short-term, immediate financial relief to Intel employee facing financial challenges due to a qualified disaster, crisis or personal hardship arising from domestic violence, harassment, sexual assault, or stalking. Employees providing accommodation in their home to Ukrainian refugees displaced as a result of the Russia-Ukraine war are also eligible for relief.

Intel has committed to donate up to $5 million (USD) to help employees impacted by a natural disaster or personal hardship. Continued funding will be provided by individual employee contributions. Every contribution will help a fellow employee when they are facing the unexpected and further the sense of community at Intel.

Intel HERE is funded by employees with an initial donation by Intel. Intel HERE grants go directly to Intel employees affected by a qualified disaster, crisis or personal hardship.  Intel is donating $5M to Intel HERE, thus, employee donations to Intel HERE are not matched by the Intel Foundation.  

The Intel Foundation matches employee donations to charitable organizations in support of disaster relief campaigns intended to assist with relief efforts.

Active full-time, part-time, Intel Contract Employee (ICE) or interns at Intel are eligible.

  • Furloughed or terminated employees are not eligible for assistance.
  • VP level/Senior Fellow or above are not eligible for assistance.

Intel employees (as defined above) affected by a qualified disaster or personal hardship and in need of emergency financial assistance may apply.

  • Qualified disasters include hurricanes, typhoons, severe flooding, earthquakes, wildfires, tornadoes, and severe weather events.
  • Crisis is defined as terrorist or military action of any event determined by the U.S. Secretary of Treasury or other governmental authority to be catastrophic in nature.
  • Personal hardship includes emergencies arising from domestic violence, harassment, sexual assault, or stalking.

No, currency devaluation is not a qualified hardship according to the Intel HERE guidelines. 

An employee is eligible for up to $2,500 (USD equivalent; geo-adjusted as appropriate) in relief assistance per calendar year. 

Affected employees are eligible for up to $500 in initial emergency relief payments, followed by an opportunity to request extended relief funding up to an additional $2,000; proof receipts are required for extended relief funding. 

Assistance can be used for the following:

  • Immediate food needs
  • Immediate clothing needs
  • Temporary housing (rent, hotel, or other forms of shelter)
  • Temporary transportation (cost of public or commercial transportation or rental car)
  • Other reasonable, miscellaneous evacuation expenses resulting from event

Employees impacted by a qualified disaster (as defined above), crisis, or a personal hardship (as defined above) have up to eight calendar weeks from the date of disaster or hardship to apply. 

Global Impact, a non-profit charitable organization, will process, review, and determine outcomes for relief requests. The Global Impact review team will use standard evaluation criteria, approved by Intel, across all applications.

Global Impact is responsible for the review and approval of all relief requests and managers are not notified of requests, all requests are confidential. Managers can support their employees by donating to the fund and can encourage employees they know meet the criteria to apply for relief assistance. 

If you have submitted an application to a country-based relief program, you may also apply for relief through Intel HERE. Check with your country-based relief program for rules on using with other Intel assistance programs.

Individuals wishing to make a tax-deductible donation to Intel HERE will be able to do so by visiting the Intel Benevity page. Tax receipts for donors will be automatically provided through Benevity.

Intel employees have expressed considerable interest in helping their fellow employees through unforeseen hardship, Intel HERE is your opportunity to donate to your Intel community.

Intel reserves the right to amend relief payment amounts and program terms and conditions at any time. 

Global Impact is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, with Benevity partnership, that serves as Intel’s administrative partner for Intel HERE. Global Impact is responsible for determining eligibility, approval and payment of all assistance relief requests. The Global Impact review team will use standard evaluation criteria, approved by Intel, across all applications. Global Impact is not a third-party advisor, rather a charity and wholly independent of Intel.

Intel provides mental wellness support through the employee assistance program (EAP). Learn more about Intel’s EAP and resources available to you.   

Application Information and FAQ

  • If you have been affected by a qualified disaster or personal hardship and would like to apply, please visit Global Impact’s, Intel’s implementing partner, application.
  • Once on the Global Impact website, you will need to create an account and complete your profile to begin the application process.
  • There is a two-step application process. The first step, or Immediate Relief application, does not require proof of receipts. The second step, Extended Relief application, requires proof of receipts.
  • You will be able to complete the first step of the application for Immediate Relief and submit. Global Impact will grant up to $500 in initial emergency relief to approved recipients.
  • Once the initial emergency relief funds have been distributed, you will be notified by email as to when you are able to complete the second step of the application process to request extended relief funding (proof receipts required). You will need to complete the Extended Relief application within eight calendar weeks of the date of the disaster or personal hardship. 

To process a relief assistance payment, Global Impact requires the following personal information:

For the Immediate Relief application, employees will need:  

  • Worldwide ID  
  • Copy of Workday Intel employee verification   
  • Bank Letter or a Voided Check download (Note: this is to help Global Impact verify bank account information and prevent user entry error).   
  • For U.S. employees: W-9 Form (can be found on application website)  
  • For employees outside the U.S.: W-8BEN-E Form (can be found on application website)  

For the Extended Relief application employees will need:  

Receipts of expenses during a qualified disaster or personal hardship; receipts can include food, clothing, housing, and transportation needs, as well as other miscellaneous expenses incurred because of the qualified event. 

Banking information is required by our third-party partner, Global Impact. Global Impact will disburse the assistance grant directly to your bank account. The banking information is also used to verify applicant identity and decrease fraud. 

The two-step application process was put in place to allow employees access immediate relief assistance of $500 following a qualified event, prior to having to provide proof of receipts that are required for the extended relief assistance. 

The application and any grants you receive are handled by Global Impact and will be kept confidential.

Global Impact will provide Intel with program generalized usage statistics to evaluate utilization and health of the Intel HERE fund. 

No, relief assistance is considered a charitable gift and not taxable income in most countries. However, in some instances, due to different country regulations, taxes are unavoidable. In those instances, our implementing partner, Global Impact, will work with you to identify an alternative solution.

Employees can receive a maximum amount of $2,500 (USD equivalent; geo-adjusted as appropriate) per calendar year.