Edge-Native Kubernetes for the Software-Defined Edge

Intel® Smart Edge is an edge-native, software-defined edge computing platform that abstracts networking and deployment complexities. Network builders, edge developers, and enterprises can run the edge with the same tools and ease they expect from the cloud.

Frequently Asked Questions

Intel® Smart Edge brings cloud-native virtualization, microservice applications, and orchestration to the edge. With Intel® Smart Edge, you can run at the edge the way you run in the cloud.

Intel® Smart Edge is a Kubernetes-based, automated platform that abstracts edge complexities so that network builders, edge developers, and enterprises can run the edge with the same tools and ease they expect from the cloud.

Intel® Smart Edge brings edge networking together into a single, software-defined platform. All of it—switches, routers, Wi-Fi, 5G, Ethernet—runs as virtual workloads on Intel® hardware.

Intel® Smart Edge then orchestrates and automates those network functions with an Intel-engineered Kubernetes engine.

Intel® Smart Edge onboards edge devices, gateways, and servers and manages them as nodes and clusters in a self-healing, distributed computing mesh that runs like the cloud.

This means developers can deploy containerized apps anywhere on an Intel® Smart Edge instance and orchestrate them with Kubernetes—just like they would in the cloud.

Intel® Smart Edge puts cloud tools, applications, and workloads on a secure, unified computing platform running on more than 5,000 edge nodes worldwide.

Enterprises that need the distributed computing power and on-demand applications of the cloud on the edge, where the traditional data center model can’t go.

Network builders who need a reliable platform that can scale for standing up public/private edge networks and multi-access edge computing.

Edge application developers who wish they could build with cloud-native tools like VMs, containers, and Kubernetes and deploy them to any edge without worrying about networking or hardware.

Intel® Smart Edge is highly optimized for Intel® Xeon® and Intel® Core™ processors, Intel® FPGAs and ASICs, and Intel® Ethernet controllers. The hardware and use cases span rugged edge servers, industrial gateways, and blade servers for near-edge data centers.