Onboard Network Driver for Intel® Server Boards and Systems Based on Intel® 741 Chipset



Provides onboard network driver for Intel® Server Board D50DNP Family.

Available Downloads

  • Windows Server 2022 family*, SUSE Linux Family*, Red Hat Linux Family*, Windows Server 2019 family*
  • Size: 777.8 MB
  • SHA1: 491A88BE2544B8E3E716B488C6AF35881E7D9936

Detailed Description


Onboard network driver for Intel® Server Board D50DNP Family.

Supported operating systems

  • Windows Server* 2019,2022
  • RHEL* 8.7, 9.1
  • SLES* 12 SP5, 15 SP4
  • ESXi* 7.0, 8.0 (Please refer to VMWare's download site for the latest ESXi drivers for Intel® Ethernet® devices)

For OS compatibility, also refer to the list of supported OS for the Intel Server board - Server Configurator & Compatibility Tools.

Note: The software may contain open-source software. The associated open-source licenses are included with the driver package.