BIOS and System Firmware Update Package (SFUP) for Windows* and Linux* for Intel® Server M50FCP Family



This download contains the System Firmware Update Package (SFUP) for the Intel® Server Board M50FCP Family for Windows* and Linux*

Available Downloads

  • OS Independent
  • Size: 63 MB
  • SHA1: 203C27040EE23DA53C6D3C7DBA9FF3AD76748ECA

Detailed Description


This update package includes the following production level system software updates and update utilities:

  • System BIOS: SE5C741.86B.01.01.0004
  • ME Firmware:
  • BMC Firmware: 1.53
  • FRU: 0.05
  • CPLD: v2p8
  • sysfwupdt.efi: Version 16.0.8

Intel highly recommends reading Readme and Update Instructions.txt entirety before performing the system update. 


System Software Requirements

Verifying that your system meets the documented requirements will ensure a successful update and provide the most reliable system functionality after the update has completed.

  • System BIOS: production version R01.01.0001 or later
  • BMC Firmware: production version 1.34 or later
  • CPLD: production version V2P2 or later


Important notes

  • Please refer to the respective "Release Notes" files for complete list of known issues, workarounds and detailed requirements.
  • Firmware check is not applicable, hence updates will be triggered even when the versions in the system and in the SFUP package are same
  • Do NOT interrupt or reboot or remove power from your system during the update process. Doing so may render your system inoperable.
  • Do NOT attempt to down rev the system software once loaded on to the system. Doing so may render your system inoperable.
  • All updates provided in this package are installed using the windows and Linux operating environment only.
  • Do not modify any of the script files. The scripts as written will provide the most reliable update experience.
  • Refer to the userguide which is available in sysfwupdt folder for any update sceanrios or sysfwupdt commands.
  • ITK ".cap" file need to be customized else ".cap file" update will fail


Supported Products

  • Intel® Server Board M50FCP Family

Contact Intel for pre-production hardware support requirements