BIOS and Firmware Update Package for UEFI for Intel® Server M50FCP Family



Provides Intel® Server Board M50FCP Family BIOS and Firmware Update Package for UEFI.

Available Downloads

  • Size: 44.4 MB
  • SHA1: 5768729C83FDB80B70BF42FD381D5A2CD1E2F56B

Detailed Description


This update package includes the following production level system software updates and update utilities:

  • System BIOS: SE5C741.86B.01.01.0005
  • ME Firmware:
  • BMC Firmware: 1.81
  • FRU: 0.07
  • CPLD: v3p0
  • sysfwupdt.efi: Version 16.0.9

Intel highly recommends reading Readme and Update Instructions.txt entirety before performing the system update. 

System Software Requirements

  • System BIOS: production version R01.01.0004 or later
  • BMC Firmware: production version 1.53 or later
  • CPLD: production version V2P8 or later


Important notes

  • Customers using out-of-band utilities (like Redfish API's or the web console) for firmware update, it is required to install CPLD V3P0 & BMC 1.81 version together before doing the first system reset. After the system reset, the FRU & BIOS components can be flashed.
    • For more information, please refer to the R01.01.0005 Out of Band (OOB) FW Component Update Installation Guide.
  • Do NOT interrupt or reboot or remove power from your system during the update process. Doing so may render your system inoperable.
  • Do NOT attempt to down rev the system software once loaded on to the system. Doing so may render your system inoperable.
  • Please refer to the readme for detailed information of the package and update instruction.
  • Please refer to the respective "Release Notes" files for complete list of known issues, workarounds and detailed requirements.


Supported Products

  • Intel® Server Board M50FCP Family

Contact Intel for pre-production hardware support requirements.